OnCourse is designed to help you better connect with the faculty and staff who support you to reach your academic goals at Ohio State.  It is an online platform managed for Ohio State by a third party, EAB, and you will see their Navigate logo on most OnCourse pages and correspondence.

When you log into OnCourse this is the first page you will see. Descriptions of what you will see are listed below. 

Red menu on the left:

  • Conversations (this is where you will view the messages you write to faculty/staff/advisors in addition to those you receive from faculty/staff. This includes both READ and UNREAD messages. The envelope icon at the top of the page displays a number of how many UNREAD messages you have in your messages.

  • Calendar – this is where you will see a calendar view of your course schedule and scheduled appointments with units using the appointment feature.

Reports Tab -what you see varies on what services you have used. For example, you might not have tutor reports or progress reports results, but you will have advising summaries.

  • view your advising summaries and notes

  • view your tutor reports

  • view your progress reports submitted by faculty

*students can also access advising notes via the OSU Mobile app.  Please see FAQ for further directions.  

Calendar Tab – already described under “Red menu.” It is just another way to get your class schedule.

Menus on the right

  • Schedule Appointment – click to schedule an appointment with your academic advisor, tutor, or other support staff.  

  • Quick Links – clicking on School Information will take you to a list of all advising offices on campus.  By selecting the office you would like to contact, you will be directed to a page that has information about the different ways you can schedule an appointment with an advisor in that office.

  • Upcoming Appointments – lists the appointments with university staff you have coming up that you scheduled using OnCourse (or that someone scheduled for you on your behalf).

  • Your Success Team– lists your assigned staff, including academic advisors, success coaches, etc., as well as your current instructors for the term.  If you click the message icon next to their names, you can email them directly through OnCourse.  You will see these messages in your conversations page.