Report a problem

I have been using it, but it’s not working

Some basic problem-solving you can do before contacting us:

  • log off of the system (close the browser) and relaunch in your current browser
  • log off, for a second time, clear out your history (this process will vary by browser), and relaunch your current browser
  • while OnCourse should work great in all browsers, please try a new browser if you have more than one on your system
  • revisit the training material to make sure you are correctly performing your task
  • If you are using Chrome (and you are on the Student Overview page – not seeing any data), please check to see what version you are using. If your version starts with a 53 and lower, you will have issues. Anything with a 54 and higher, you will be fine. If you fall into the 53 category and don’t have time to ask your technical team to update you, use another browser (other browsers do not have issues).


Still not working?

  • submit a tech ticket and include the following:
    • explain what you were trying to do and what it “did” that you did not expect.
    • if you received an error message, please capture a screenshot. If you cannot replicate the error to obtain a screenshot, it’s okay: just tell us what you were trying to do and what it did that you did not expect.

I have been using it, but the data does not look right and/or the success markers (and/or support priority levels) do not look correct

If you are an academic advisor, please connect with your supervisor. If you are not an advisor, but have access to this information, please email