Watch Lists

Watch List Overview:


How to Name Watch Lists:

We’ve recently created a recommendation for a naming convention for Watch Lists since other staff people can see them to help identify whose list it is and for what purpose:

  • Office + Term & Year (e.g. SP19) + Descriptive name + dot # + 1st letter (1st name) + 1st letter (surname)
    • Maximum of 32 characters
    • Amy Treboni (.6) creates a Watch List for all Spring 2019 campus change students in order to send them an email from Transition & Academic Growth:
    • TAG SP19 Campus Change 6AT


How to Create Watch Lists:

EAB provides guidance on how to create watch lists in the Help Center (click on the “?” beside your profile icon in the upper right corner of OnCourse) and click Search for Help Articles and search for “Watch Lists”. 

The SP19 version of the help article is availabe here: Strategic Care – Watch Lists – Help Center 3/19