Poster Abstracts (pdf)

Posters (submitted abstracts)

  1. Abernathy, Scott; University of Cincinnati; Investigating the effectiveness of HILIC-type column chemistries for oligonucleotides
  2. Addo, Ermais; OSU; Dereplication and Isolation of Secondary Metabolites of the Two Selected U.S. Coastal Lichens Mobergia calculiformis and Niebla josecuervoi
  3. Arnold, Randy; SCIEX; Accelerating DIA studies with fast microflow LC and Zeno SWATH acquisition
  4. Baker, Kristie; OSU (Wysocki); Ligand-Binding Interactions of Transthyretin with Surface-Induced Dissociation
  5. Bhandari, Tulsi; University of Cincinnati; Creating an LC-MS/MS method for discovering and characterizing photo-oxidative degradation products of modified nucleosides in tRNA
  6. Bochenek, Calum; U of Akron; A Multidimensional Approach to Probing the Binding Affinities of Polylysine and Polystyrene Sulfonate Polyelectrolytes Complexes
  7. Brewer, Avery; OSU; A quantitative exploration of wounding-induced changes to tomato steroidal glycoalkaloid profiles in diverse tomato fruits 
  8. Do, Daniel; OSU FST; Pharmacokinetics of Tomato Steroidal Alkaloids in Healthy Adults Following Consumption of Two Different Tomato Juices
  9. Gao, Yuan; OSU; Characterizing Protein Complexes Using Top-Down Electron Capture Dissociation Coupled with Ion Mobility MS
  10. Griffin, Ashley; Nestle; Identification and Mitigation of an Interferent Causing an Overestimation of Acrylamide in Food
  11. Hartman, JL; OSU (Cooperstone); Integrating metabolomics and quantitative analysis to examine metabolic differences between near-isogenic high-alkaloid tomatoes
  12. Kim, Yongseok; OSU (Wysocki); A versatile pseudo-MS3 approach for pinpointing the C=C bond in phospholipids
  13. Lacey, Philip; OSU (Wysocki); Electron Capture Charge Reduction Assists in Native Mass Spectrometry of Intact Nanodiscs
  14. Mbuna, Esther; Ohio University; Petroleomic Aromatic Acid Dissociation Chemistry
  15. Meshram, Nishita; OSU
  16. Moeller, William; OSU; Native Mass Spectrometry of Zinc Binding by Txn Repressor Loz1
  17. Qi, Zihao; OSU; RAD52-DBD Binding with DNA by Native MS and Mass Photometry 
  18. Quiroz-Moreno, Daniel; OSU Hort Crop Sci; Development of a publicly available LC-MS/MS spectral library for the analysis of the Rosaceae metabolome
  19. Rayhan, Asif; University of Cincinnati; Universal Mass Exclusion List for Enhanced Modification Mapping of RNA
  20. Sledziona, James; OSU; Measuring Metabolic Flux in Colon Adenomatous Organoids
  21. Valesyan, Satenik; University of Cincinnati; LC-MS/MS-based detection of 5-methyl cytidine in E. coli tRNAs arising from oxidative stress
  22. Yu, Peifeng; Ohio University; The ubiquitin–26S proteasome system and autophagy relay proteome homeostasis regulation during silique development

Core Facility and Resource Posters

  • Campus Chemical Instrument Center Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics Facility
  • Campus Chemical Instrument Center Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility
  • Resource for Native Mass Spectrometry Guided Structural Biology
  • Foods for Health Research Initiative