About OMSS

The annual Ohio Mass Spectrometry Symposium (OMSS) was initiated in 2003 to promote collaboration among regional researchers with interests in mass spectrometry. Now in its 19th year, OMSS has become a significant event for academic and industrial researchers in the region to present their findings, share information, discuss research challenges with colleagues, and spark new collaborations in the field of mass spectrometry. OSU’s Campus Chemical Instrumentation Center (CCIC) has served as host for the annual symposium, with support from generous sponsors.

Bringing mass spectrometry and metabolomics together (OMSMS)

In 2017, the OSU Foods for Health Research Initiative held its inaugural Conference on Food and Nutritional Metabolomics. With shared interests and synergies, Foods for Health joined forces with CCIC to hold their conference jointly with OMSS from 2017-2020, for a combined event titled the Ohio Mass Spectrometry and Metabolomics Symposium (OMSMS). In 2021, Foods for Health hosted MANA 2021, and CCIC presented the 18th Annual OMSS as “Mass Spec Mornings” in conjunction with MANA. The partnership continues with OMSMS 2022: A joint meeting of the 19th Annual Ohio Mass Spectrometry Symposium and the 5th Annual Conference on Food and Nutritional Metabolomics.

2022 Scientific Committee

  • Alicia Friedman, OSU
  • Alex Hansen, CCIC NMR, OSU
  • Emmanuel Hatzakis, Food Science and Technology, OSU
  • Maria Mihaylova, Biological Chemistry and Pharmacology
  • Kerry Rouhier, Kenyon College
  • Matt Teegarden, Foods for Health Research Initiative, OSU
  • Vicki Wysocki, Chemistry and Biochemistry, OSU
  • Jiangjiang Zhu, Human Sciences, OSU

Past Programs

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