October 7 

Session A:  Biological MS Methodology and Applications

Moderated by Sean Cleary

#A-1: Presented by Caitlyn Thomas, Miami University
Using a Molecular Modeling and Native State Mass Spectrometry Quick Screening Approach to Understand the Inhibition of IMP-1 Variants
Caitlyn A. Thomas, Zishuo Cheng, Kundi Yang, Richard C. Page, Michael W. Crowder

#A-2: Presented by Stella Lai, The Ohio State University
Screening tagged proteins using tandem affinity-buffer exchange chromatography online with native mass spectrometry
Stella M. Lai, Zachary L. VanAernum, Florian Busch, Julia Baek, Terry Zhang, Kyle L. Fort, Rosa Viner, and Vicki H. Wysocki

#A-3: Presented by Blake Szkoda, The Ohio State University
Characterization of Transcription Factor-DNA complexes Using Online Buffer Exchange Coupled to Native-Mass Spectrometry
Blake E. Szkoda, Angela Di Capua, Sravya Kovvali, Joy Shaffer, Edward J. Behrman, Vicki H. Wysocki, Venkat Gopalan

#A-4: Presented by Benjamin Burris, The Ohio State University
Accelerated Hydrolysis of Lipids by the Lipase Enzyme in Microdroplets and Thin-Films
Benjamin J. Burris, Abraham Badu-Tawiah

#A-5: Presented by Benjamin Frey, The Ohio State University
Investigating the Natural and Artificial Protective Barriers of Biofluids Spotted on Hydrophobic Paper
Benjamin S. Frey, Deidre E. Damon, Danyelle M. Allen, Jill Baker, Sam Asamoah and Abraham K. Badu-Tawiah

Session B: Metabolomics Methodology and Microbiological Applications

Moderated by Miranda Gardner

#B-1: Presented by Rebecca Kimmelfield, The Ohio State University
Identifying the potential to prime Pseudomonas spp. for volatile organic compound production through manipulation of the culture medium.
Rebecca B. Kimmelfield, Christopher G. Taylor

#B-2: Presented by Michelle Scott, The Ohio State University
Oral bacteria metabolize e-cigarette aerosol
Michelle L. Scott; Kathryn Williamson; Emmanuel Hatzakis; Shareef M. Dabdoub; Purnima S.Kumar

#B-3: Presented by Rui Xu, The Ohio State University
Enhanced detection and annotation of small molecules in metabolomics using molecular network-oriented parameter optimization
Rui Xu, Jisun Lee, Li Chen, Jiangjiang Zhu

#B-4: Presented by David Baliu-Rodriguez, University of Toledo
Development and Application of Extraction Methods for Improved Quantification of Microcystins in Liver Tissue
David Baliu-Rodriguez1, Daria Kucheriavaia1, Dilrukshika S. W. Palagama1, Apurva Lad2, Grace M. O’Neill3, Johnna A. Birbeck3, David J. Kennedy2, Steven T. Haller2, Judy A. Westrick3, and Dragan Isailovic1; 1Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Toledo, Toledo, OH 43606, 2Department of Medicine, University of Toledo Medical Center, Toledo, OH 43614, 3Department of Chemistry, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI 48202

#B-5: Presented by Mackenzie Pearson, Sciex
Profiling the Lipidome: Quantitate up to 20000 Lipid Molecular Species in a a Single Injection
Paul Norris, Santosh Kapil, Mackenzie Pearson

October 8

Session C: Native MS and Structural Biology Methodology

Moderated by Sophie Harvey

#C-1: Presented by Nhat Le, University of Michigan
Improved Electron Capture Dissociation Tandem Mass Spectrometry of Post-Translationally Modified Peptides via Collision Induced Unfolding
Nhat H. V. Le, Ruwan T. Kurulugama, Varun V. Gadkari, Chae K. Jeon, Brandon T. Ruotolo and Kristina Hakansson

#C-2: Presented by Dalton Snyder, The Ohio State University
Tandem surface-induced dissociation of protein complexes on an ultrahigh resolution platform
Dalton T. Snyder; Arpad Somogyi; Vicki H. Wysocki

#C-3: Presented by Jacob McCabe, Texas A&M University
Native Ion-Mobility Coupled to a Q Exactive UHMR Orbitrap MS: Protein Complexes at Ultra High Resolution
Jacob W. McCabe, Mehdi Shirzadeh, Arthur Laganowsky, and David H. Russell

#C-4: Presented by Benjamin Jones, The Ohio State University
Implementation of surface-induced dissociation on an Orbitrap EMR via the HCD cell using a reverse-entry ion source
Benjamin J Jones; Jacob W. McCabe; Dalton T. Snyder; Zachary L VanAernum; Sophie R. Harvey; David H. Russell; Vicki H. Wysocki

Session D: Dietary and Nutritional Metabolomics

Moderated by Matt Bernier

#D-1: Presented by Kyle Spencer, The Ohio State University
The Effect of Diet on the Metabolome and Microbiome on the Colon of a Lifetime Obesity Murine Model
Kyle Spencer, Haley Chatelaine, Cynthia Ramazami, Susan Olivo-Marston, Emmanuel Hatzakis, Rachel Kopec, Michael Bailey, and Ewy Mathé

#D-2: Presented by Shiqi Zhang, The Ohio State University
The Impact of Black Raspberry Extract on Gut Microbes and Their Metabolism in a Human Colonic Model
Shiqi Zhang, Xuyu Liu, Xiaowei Sun, Fouad Choueiry, Rui Xu, Jiangjiang Zhu

#D-3: Presented by Rosalie Zhong, The Ohio State University
Iron Chlorophyllin Bio-efficacy and Metabolites following simulated digestion and incubation with Caco-2 cells
Siqiong “Rosalie” Zhong; Amanda Bird; Rachel E. Kopec

#D-4: Presented by Haley Chatelaine, The Ohio State University
Direct comparison of early high fat, energy restricted and control diets on colon metabolomic profiles associated with abberant crypt foci.
Haley Chatelaine; Cynthia Ramazani; Kyle Spencer; Susan Olivo-Marston; Michael T. Bailey; Joseph McElroy; Emmanuel Hatzakis; Ewy Mathé; Rachel E. Kopec

#D-5: Presented by Djawed Bennouna, The Ohio State University
Metabolic dysfunction in purine and kynurenine pathways following doxorubicin-based chemotherapy in a murine model.
Djawed Bennouna; Tonya S. Orchard; A. Courtney DeVries; Maryam Lustberg; Rachel E. Kopec

Facility Posters

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Nutrient and Phytochemical Analytic Shared Resource (NPASR)

Campus Chemical Instrumentation Center Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (CCIC NMR)

Laboratory for the Analysis of Metabolites from Plants (LAMP)


The organizing committee would like to thank Matt Bernier, Sean Cleary and Miranda Gardner for their assistance in poster organization.