About Me

Hi I’m Leah! I am a 2nd year Marketing student in the Fisher College of Business, with a double minor in History and Organizational Communication. I am a member of the Business Scholars Program, a selective living-learning community in which I have developed my professional skills through interactive weekly meetings, immersive workshops, and focused community service projects. This summer, I interned abroad at Hopscotch Europe, a leading marketing and PR agency in Dublin, Ireland to further my business knowledge in an increasingly globalized industry. At Ohio State, I serve as the Director of Professional Development of the American Marketing Association as well as on the Social Engagement Committee of the Business Scholars Leadership Council. I am member of Pi Sigma Epsilon Professional Marketing and Sales Fraternity as well as the Nu Chapter of Delta Delta Delta. I am from Southern California and I am passionate about environmental sustainability, travel, history, fashion, film, and photography. In my free time I enjoy hiking, reading, attending concerts, surfing, and painting. If you’d like to learn more about me, please feel free to explore my LinkedIn and Vimeo linked to the right or my portfolio linked below.

Leah’s G.O.A.L.S.

  • Global Awareness: I plan to increase my global business experience and understanding of conducting business with other cultures with a summer internship in Dublin, Ireland. Additionally, I hope to get DICE certified to gain a deeper understanding of diversity on Ohio State’s campus as well as how I can be a good ally and leave space for others.
  • Original Inquiry: I would like to expand my knowledge in the field of European/World War II history by adding a History minor to my coursework.
  • Academic Enrichment: I want to teach myself Adobe Create Suite programs or attend Digital Sandbox workshops to learn more.
  • Leadership Development: I hope to serve on a committee in my professional business fraternity, Pi Sigma Epsilon this upcoming semester, as well as advance within the leadership structure of the American Marketing Association
  • Service Engagement: As a member of the Business Scholars Leadership Council, I would like to establish a connection between the Business Scholars Program and a local Columbus service opportunity.

My Artifact

In the weeks prior to November 6, I could feel a certain energy growing on both social media and Ohio State’s campus. From posters and signs to posts and sign-up sheets, it seemed like there was always someone encouraging us college students to vote in the upcoming 2018 midterm elections. After taking an American government course my senior year of high school as well as learning more about our civic responsibility first semester in an OSU first semester English course, I finally fully understood the importance of my generation participating in the political process; however, I wasn’t old enough to vote yet. Therefore, the midterm elections that were held in fall of 2018 were especially exciting for me because it was the first one in which I could participate. For my Artifact, I chose this pin seen above that I had received in one of my classes, which reads “O-H-I-Vote”. Moving away to college is a big step for any younger adult in independence and making important decisions for oneself, and getting to exercise my right to make important decisions for my country and my future was a fitting act for my first semester at college. I remember feeling like a part of something exciting walking into the Union to cast my ballot that afternoon while I stood in line with hundreds of other fellow students. While voting doesn’t seem like the most fun or exciting day that I’ve had at Ohio State so far (concerts with friends and football games win that category), Election Day was one of the most memorable days for me because it was an important indication in my first semester of college of my newly gained appreciation for the political process, capacity to make large decisions for myself, and independence by moving 2,000 miles from home.