Remember (A short film)

This is a short film that tells the story of a father as he remembers his past experiences. A coming to grips story that shows how grieving the loss of time and experiences occurs. This was made to show that we must treasure the past as it could always disappear as though dust in the wind.


Disclaimer: I do not own any of the music to this video! Credit goes to Kansas for there song “Dust in the Wind”

This is not made for monetary purposes only as a piece of art and contemplation


Volunteer December 3rd

On December 3rd, I got the chance to volunteer at a local food bank called Neighborhood Services.

This food bank has been open since 1962! I volunteered here from 9:00 am -2:30 pm! It was a long day but a great day.

1950 N 4th St E, Columbus, OH 43201

I helped first with sorting and placing all the meat donations received into different freezers. It seems Thanksgiving was especially kind to the food bank as the donations received were far more than normal! I was luckily able to find a cold place to put all of the meat in an intense game of what felt like Jenga! Then I was taught how to walk each neighbor (the person who we give food too) by walking them around the store and showing them what options of food they could have based on their assigned number of people in the family. This was by far my favorite place to volunteer. I got to meet interact and talk to so many different neighbors about their struggles and it was truly a great experience to see how similar they are to everyone else. A lot of times lower income and homeless people are stigmatized and I saw through this volunteering experience that all of these stereotypes were wrong. Everyone I met was very nice and gracious for the help they were receiving. I learned truly how important social interactions for change are to me. I really feed off the energy and it seemed like the day blew past when I was interacting and really making a difference in these peoples lives. Many of these people were deciding between a sharpie marker or a loaf of bread. It truly taught me how vital simple objects like tape and markers are to making you feel human. Because of service learning, I am grateful for all I have.

Volunteer December 1st

On December 1st, I got the opportunity to join other Honors and Scholars students in a Ties for Tots event in which volunteers got to make fleece blankets that will benefit Project Linus and Nationwide Children’s Hospital. From 3 pm to 5 pm at Khun’s Honors and Scholars house, I worked on making a red fleece blanket for a child who is sick during the Christmas season.

This is the blanket I made at the event.

Through this experience, I was able to physically and mentally work through and create something tangible to help a child. It was very tough on my hands and also very monotonous but it was worth it to imagine a lonely child at Nationwide Children’s hospital who would get to have it! I learned through this work that I do enjoy work that is taxing if I can see the product when it is finished. Sometimes projects lead to results that are hard to measure. This project I could actually put my body and mind to work and see the results.

Although taking a long time to make the finished product was a great source of pride!

As a leader I need to learn how to deal with both kind of projects as not all of them will show tangible results. I learned however that I enjoy the activities and volunteer opportunities where I get to help first hand with others. Because of service learning, I am more aware of my strengths and weaknesses.





Volunteer November 29th

On November 29th, I got the chance to volunteer for the OSU Dance Club among other Ohio state dance clubs at the union Performance hall. This group is a group that practices all semester making up different dances to perform for students and parents in one performance every semester. It is in its inaugural year at OSU and I was very impressed with how organized the event was. Many other clubs performed including the Dancesport club.

As, a volunteer for this event I dressed up professionally and helped with selling OSU Dance Club merchandise from 7:15-9:15 pm. Through this service, I got to interact with a whole group of other volunteers that were friends and family of the people performing. I hadn’t even known these groups exist and here they were working all year for this performance. Through this service, I learned about a whole culture of dancing and was introduced to many new people. It was a great experience to grow as a leader to better understand these people I never would have interacted with without this service experience. Rachel was a great organizer and really connected with the volunteers. Her email is for any questions about this event. Because of this service experience, I am enlightened to a new culture.

Volunteering November 1st

This semester I got the chance to volunteer for many different organizations and explore for a place where I feel like I can make a real impact.

On November 1st from 6-7pm, I got the chance to volunteer for the Red Cross Blood drive recruitment event at the Ohio state union. In this event, OSU races against Michigan to donate the most blood in the largest blood drive at Ohio State. Here is a link detailing the event.–ohio-state-vs–.html

This is the shirt for the 37th annual Blood battle!

I volunteered at this event by way of the Future Physicians of Tomorrow Club which allowed its members to sign up and help spread the word of this blood drive.

In this event I stood at the Ohio Union door with my shirt and a sign asking the people passing if they had a few minutes to help save peoples lives and beat Michigan again! Although not many people had the time time to give blood this opportunity taught me how to cope with getting ignored and sometimes laughed at by people. Even when some people ignored me I still felt I made an impact when those people listened and talked to me about the event. I learned how to be a leader that is not rejected by failure and people not taking you seriously. I learned to fight through that and still try to make a change. Because of service learning, I am more comfortable causing social change.

My Rugby Passion

Shown is me running to score a try in the Indiana D2 Championship game 2016

Shown is Lola my adorable dog niece. This is after the rivalry game vs Leo.

Every January most teams were on the couch while the Charger Rugby team decided to play a scrimmage.

My senior season I got the oppurtunity to be the team Captain. I managed to lead my team to victory with a score that allowed my team to edge out Dwenger HS to become the Super League Cup Challenge Champions

True Colors Reflection

In the true colors personality test I took I received the orange color. There are four colors possible. Orange people are creative outgoing people who love variety and diversity. Gold people are master organizers and are loyal to friends and family to a tee. Green people have a passion for learning and striving for understanding the world around them. Blue people are compassionate emotion driven people who seek to help others before themselves.

I was a mix of orange and blue in this study but a majority of my points were orange. In my scholars group I believe that my loud and outgoing personality will allow me to make connections and lead a diverse group better. As an orange person in personality I find that I am not afraid to take lead and make the first mistake if it benefits the group to learn after me. Whether its raising my hand to ask the question no one is brave enough to ask or if its simply taking the lead to figure out a plan for a solution, as an orange person I find my confidence drives me.

Foley Video Project

This was created my Junior year of High School as a project to make a short film with foley (sounds that are recorded afterward to mimick the effect of the action in the scene). Making films and using video is one of my hobbies and passions! Enjoy!

Definition of leadership

My brother in Rugby his senior year was a leader by time spent playing but mostly a leader by setting the example for others. As the water boy/touch judge for the team I saw the way he would help others grow and become better people. I may be biased in my view as he is my big brother but many have supported the context I will speak about next. As one of many seniors my brother was not the oldest of the group but all respected and watched for him to lead. As a club sport Rugby had a bad wrap at my school as people who were suspended from other sports could play Rugby because it wasn’t under school rules. Therefore many of its players were partiers and people who generally were considered hooligans. My brother was the exception he loved the sport and wanted the team to be more than that. He wanted to play and grow in faith and be a real team that practiced and gave out punishments. My brother was a leader because he fostered an environment of power in your teammates by holding each other accountable. If someone was out drinking the night before then they couldn’t play the next game and so on. My brother was not a dictator with his leadership he was someone who understood and brought forth the best in the team. That is what great leaders do. Leaders empathize with others unique situations and then they adapt and change their strategy to reach even the people that no one believes can be saved. My brother took a team of suspended students and gave them purpose in a sport and used that sport to transform their lives for the better by holding them accountable in their home and academic life. The power of a leader who does not yell or scream but instead talks to and encourages others in actions and words is immense. He bridged the gaps that separate so many of today’s high-schoolers and found a way to create a bond that makes the team get together regularly even 8 years after their senior year.