Another Virtual Explore Columbus?

Due to the pandemic, Taylor and I were unfortunate with an in person exploration of Columbus this semester. Both of us decided not to return to campus for Spring semester. Thus, I held our explore Columbus assignment via Zoom again. Similar to last semester, I would have taken Taylor to two places in Columbus to better the understanding of each other and Columbus. Obviously, it was not the same as being in person. However, I believe this virtual experience allowed for us to still connect and soak in the beauty of Columbus. If anything, this limitation will make the in person experience ten times better when the world returns back to normal! I hope Taylor and I do get the opportunity in the future. 

The first place on the exploration list would have been Columbus’s Palace theater. The Palace theater is this majestic building, which provides numerous events for its audience. The specific event I had in mind dealt with string instruments, more specifically a symphony. Four years ago, I had the pleasure and opportunity to attend the Akron Symphony Orchestra. The experience was beautiful and one that I will never forget. I remember sitting in my seat and being so in love with the sounds of string instruments. I remember feeling the music resonate in the big room. I remember the beauty of it all. The Palace theater would have been perfect for us; Taylor and I both played the violin in middle school. I knew we both appreciated the art of playing string instruments. As I told Taylor, I believe everyone should experience the beauty of string instruments; it has a unique sound to it that I believe is the best.

The second place on the exploration list would have been Johnson’s Real Ice Cream shop in Bexley! First, who does not love dessert, especially around dinnertime? Secondly, I felt the night would have ended perfectly by snacking on some good ice cream! Especially around spring time when the weather is perfect for it. I have a HUGE love for ice cream and so does Taylor!! Taylor expressed to me that the shop was perfect and that she would have ordered strawberry ice cream (her favorite). This shop also serves lunch food, so this would have been a perfect place to snack at after enjoying a nice concerto! Although, I could not find a lunch menu for this location, however I am sure they would have the basic lunch menu (sandwiches, soup, chips, etc.) The shop is conveniently located as well because it is only a thirteen minute drive down the road! The night would have been perfect and it is unfortunate that Taylor and I could not experience it. 

Due to being at home, I unfortunately only had my laptop and google like last semester. We explored each website and looked at the different options they offered to the public. We also explored images to view people’s reactions or to see the place in more detail. It is unfortunate that this virus happened because Taylor and I would have had so much fun at these places. However, the internet resources came in handy to understand the atmosphere of both places. Again, Taylor and I decided to stay at home, so there is nothing new to report in terms of challenges exploring the campus/city. Though, if we were in person, I would have hoped that both Taylor and I have a better idea of Columbus, more specifically the campus. Especially with it being second semester, students in general should have a good understanding of Ohio State life and campus. I know for a fact I would have shown her more of the campus; Ohio State is both enormous and beautiful! 

Last semester, Taylor and I both expressed an understanding of being busy. We both came to an agreement that communication may be scarce, however, that would not take away from the fact that I will be here whenever she needs me. We both came to understand that our lives have priorities, and this mentorship pairing may not be in the top three spots (but it is definitely up there). Because Taylor and I are both quite busy this semester, I believe we mentally agreed that communication may not change compared to last semester. Taylor and I both are already two people who necessarily can go long without communication. Especially with everything online, it has added to that fact about each of us. Again, it is agreed upon that if she ever needs me, she can text, call, or however she pleases! I know I can do the same with her as well. But Taylpr understands that I am always here if she ever needs anything.


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