A Flourishing Mentorship Pairing

My mentee’s name is Taylor Johnson, she is a first-year student, and is majoring in Psychology. She is nineteen years old, African-American, an only child, and lives in the Columbus area. I was nervous about meeting her, yet, I was not at the same time. I was nervous because I was meeting someone new. However, I was not nervous because I felt like everything would be fine. I believed nothing would be awkward in our first meeting because there is a reason why we got paired as mentor and mentee. Plus, her description was intriguing, and I was interested to have her as my mentee. I could tell we would have most things in common, and she looked like a genuine person from her picture.

During this interview, I did learn that we have some interests and ideas in common. Which led me to conclude that this mentorship relationship will work out great in the school year. The first question was, How did you decide on the major you have chosen?”, and I learned that she majored in Psychology because she was fascinated by it when she learned it in high school. It interested her to learn those facts some more and inspired her to be a psychiatrist. When we discussed her involvement and volunteering, that is when I discovered that we are both women who love to keep ourselves busy and engaged!

We both were active with tennis, National Honor Society, leadership teams, senior class officers, and volunteering during high school. Of course, she was involved with more, which I also came to another realization; she is an exceptional young Black female. I also learned that we both chose ACES for the same reason; we both value education and love learning new facts about anything. We also enjoyed being able to help others through volunteering and hands-on work with others. Taylor stated she was excited to get more involved with the ACES and learn more ways to help the community.

Taylor has an interesting idea on what route she would like to take for her dream job. She also has a backup plan just in case things do not turn out accordingly. Taylor’s dream job is to become a psychiatrist. She plans to go to graduate school and hopefully get a degree that leads her to secure a position in her dream job. If for some reason that does not work out, she would love to be a forensic psychologist as well. It was fascinating to learn this about her because I find this career interesting, in both aspects. I enjoyed psychology when I took it in high school and thought I would pursue a career in criminal justice. However, education was my calling, and I am glad Taylor figured out hers and has a plan for it.

Even though Taylor is not physically on campus, she still learned something important that is valuable to her understanding of Ohio State. She learned the importance of time management. She learned that it is not so easy to slack off with classes, especially the ones she has this semester. She emphasized how much reading and work is required in each of her classes. Her goals, of course, are to not fail, and she realized that she needed to get herself together and not be high school Taylor. Ohio State, she learned, is a different and special university due to being a top school in academics, thus having rigorous courses. She now has set aside different times to do her work and scheduled leisure time when she knows for a fact that she is available to do so.

In conclusion, I would definitely say that I see myself in Taylor as we both grew through high school and now. I learned and observed that we have minor and major similarities in our lives. We both feel strongly about Black lives and everything that encompasses their life. We speak about what is right and cannot hold our tongue if something needs to be said. Funnily enough, we both have been dating our boyfriend for about four months and both their names start with a J as well! The list of similarities could go on! I definitely do find Taylor cool and interesting to speak to. We both have the same drive in our academic and social life. It was refreshing to have a mentee I can get along with easily and who I am comfortable being myself. I look forward to this year and getting to know Taylor better. I cannot wait for this to be an amazing learning experience for both of us.