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Hi! My name is Alexus Oliver and I am a first-year student at Ohio State University! I was born in Akron, Ohio and I lived there all my life. I have two sisters and four brothers and I am the youngest out of all of us. I have a beautiful niece and nephew, both of whom I adore dearly. My favorite color is yellow and my favorite movie is the Five Heartbeats. A few of my favorite shows are Greys Anatomy, Stranger Things, Shameless, and Riverdale. I am not religious, but I respect others and their beliefs. I am a big fan of the rock band Queen! Currently, I am majoring in STEM Education, specifically Math Education. I am minoring in African American and African Studies and possibly French. My career goal is to become a high school math teacher, specifically teaching Algebra 1 and 2. If teaching math does not work out for some odd reason, I have French to fall back on and teach to students. I want to become a teacher, specifically, a math teacher is because I love helping others in anyway possible and I found that I love to teach and solve problems with other people. Math is a subject that always came easy to me, although I am not so sure about Calculus! I also believe we need more math and African American teachers in our schools. Some other interests of mine include reading, playing tennis, listening to music, and volunteering. I have always been a fan of reading since I was a young girl. Being pulled into a completely different world and escaping reality was something that I always enjoyed and loved as a child. My favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird. I played tennis throughout high school and I love it so much. Tennis, music, and good books are my gateways to a stress-free life.

I am a first-generation college student. Neither of my parents exceeded the high school level and none of my siblings went to college except my oldest brother, but him and I do not share the same father. So on my dad’s side, I am the only one who went to college. Having this specific identity puts a lot of pressure on my shoulders to succeed further in life than my parents and most of my siblings have. They expect the best to come out of their youngest child and I expect the best out of myself as well. I definitely want to continue to be a role model for my niece and nephew. It has been a challenge adjusting to this new life without much experience, but I came in with a new mindset that I am excited to explore more as a further my career at Ohio State University!

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