Campus Observation Drawing

This project focused on drawing locations that conveyed the feeling of comfort and motivation.

Shape Grammar

This project explored a shape’s ability to reflect specific emotions.

Studio Space Rendering

This project explored creating imaginary studio spaces using a 3D grid technique.

2D to 3D Translation

This project explored creating 3D shapes out of 2D plans.

Reconstructed Drawings

This project explored creating compositions based off of two different energies emitted from one subject.

Mandala Pattern

This project focused on creating mandalas inspired by the theme man-made vs human-made.

Inventive Portraiture

This project explored how abstract shapes can represent specific energies.

Mandala Color Studies

This project explored the ways in which color can be used to promote specific themes within our mandalas.

Interpretive Collage

This project focused on designing a collage based off of my interpretation of The Juniper Tree by Brothers Grimm

Conceal and Reveal

This project explored ways to conceal and reveal two meanings of one word.

Infinite Story

This project explored creating an infinite story based on a chosen narrative.

Dynamic Pages

This project explores creating a stop motion animation to support a chosen narrative.

Chess Redesign

This project explored redesigning chess pieces based off of a desired narrative.

Gifting Design

This project focused on designing a gift for an upperclassmen mentor.

Clockwork Owl

This project explored recreating a piece of art using critical observation skills.

Color Study Photography

This photography project explored how color can create context within an image.

Fictional Narrative

This series explored creating a fictional narrative within a single photo.