InnovateU 2016

Bridging the Classroom-workplace Gap: Leveraging Student Ingenuity to Create Authentic Learning Experiences

Loosen your grip on content creation without losing control of your objectives through student-generated digital course content and the principles of authentic learning.


Equip participants with a four-step design process to create an authentic course assignment in the online environment and a set of criteria to test the level of authenticity of any assignment.

Measurable objectives:

  1. Describe the design process from initial conception to grading rubric for an innovative, authentic learning experience.
  2. Apply eight criteria to determine the degree of authenticity of an assignment.

In this Innovation Lab, you will:

  • Explore examples of authentic assignment designs and assessment strategies
  • Work through a four-step process to guide authentic design of an assignment
  • Apply eight criteria to determine the level of authenticity of an assignment
  • Choose learning technologies to support the authentic assignment
  • Consider strategies for dealing with potential challenges to implementation of authentic learning

You will leave this session with:

  • A four-step annotated guide to authentic assignment design
  • Eight evidence-based criteria you can apply to any learning activity to determine its degree of authenticity
  • A list of current learning technologies you might use to encourage student creativity and peer review and feedback
  • A worked example of a grading rubric you can apply to your own authentic assignment