Teaching Philosophy

My pedagogy results in students attaining mastery of sociological concepts, integrating knowledge, and gaining the confidence to use it. In this process, learning extends far beyond the classroom as students employ the sociological imagination to become engaged, empathetic citizens.



University of Cincinnati Department of Sociology

2023               Capstone- Racial Ideologies and Organizations

2022               Research Methods

Ohio State University Department of Sociology

2020               Work, Employment, and Society (Undergraduate)- Independent Instructor

2019, 2018     Introduction to Sociology (Undergraduate)- Independent Instructor

2019                Sociology of Sexuality (Undergraduate)- Independent Instructor

2017                Research Methods (Undergraduate)- Recitation Leader

2017                Introduction to Sociology (Undergraduate)- Grader

Michael V. Drake Institute for Teaching and Learning

2019, 2018    Teaching Facilitator at Orientation for new Graduate Teaching Associates (selective)


In 2020, I was awarded the Ohio State University Graduate Associate Teaching Award. This University-wide award is Ohio State’s top honor for Graduate Teaching and only received by 10 GTAs each year.


Student Feedback

Selected Comments:

Expertise and Passion

I loved having her as a professor! You could tell that she was truly passionate and knowledgeable about the subject. Also, she always had a great attitude and wanted us to think for ourselves as well. I learned a lot from her, and I’d recommend her to anyone looking for a sociology class!

This has definitely been the most refreshing sociological course that I have taken so far. Professor Okuwobi is extremely well informed in the subject and pulls from a diverse array of academic articles to highlight how sexuality and gender relate to an extremely expansive aspects of our history, approach toward science, and culture. I think anyone who takes this class, no matter how much they think they might know about the subjects discussed, will most likely take something new from it and question at least one or two of their original assumptions or become more open to new possibilities. While also being extremely engaged with her students, I can’t see how the university could have picked anyone more suitable and well equipped to teach the subject as thoroughly as she does.

Approach to Teaching

Had a roommate who took a soc 101 class with 300 people with a more traditional feel. It was completely different!!! Loved this content!! I feel like instead of just learning vocabulary I am now able to integrate it into my mind and apply it to my life. Loved the activities we did.

I learned a lot through this class, even without the use of formal memorization based exams, which was less stressful and more engaging. I would strongly recommend Oneya as a professor.

I thought sociology would be an “eh” kind of class, but it turned out to one of my favorites this semester. The way Oneya structured the class made it really fun and engaging (I’ve heard from students in other socio 1101 classes that their classes are boring and pretty textbook–based). I enjoyed the different articles we read (specifically about gender and class) and I was challenged to think in ways I never had before.

Student Rapport

Oneya is a very commanding instructor, but not intimidating, which I value in a teacher. Overall I have no recommendations for making the class better.

Oneya is extremely personable, friendly, and dedicated in helping her students use “the sociological imagination.” I always look forward to her class, and it is the only class I have that I can say I’m sad about it ending.

 She was friendly, approachable, and very willing to help and engage students in class.