Welcome! I am a PhD Candidate in the Department of Physics at Ohio State University located in Columbus, Ohio. I was born and brought up in Kolkata, India. After finishing high school in Kolkata, I went to college at North Carolina State University located in Raleigh, North Carolina. I majored in Physics and Chemistry and minored in Math and Music.

In college, I worked in an Analytical Chemistry and Neuroscience lab for three and a half years, a Nonlinear Dynamics lab for a summer and in a Nuclear Astrophysics group for over a year. Working in real research labs, I learned more than I ever could in a classroom and gained a lot of confidence as a scientist.

Now, I work on an ultra-high-energy neutrino experiment called ANITA. I was recently (2016) in Antarctica for a few months to launch and support the ANITA-4 mission! It was hard work leading to a successful launch and mission, and an experience of a lifetime 🙂

Feel free to navigate through the tabs to learn more about my research, teaching, classes, outreach and service projects. E-mail me at banerjee.104 at osu.edu with any questions!

My CV is here

At NASA Long Duration Balloon (LDB) Facility with Mount Erebus in the background. It is the southernmost active volcano on Earth and the largest of 4 volcanoes that formed Ross Island where McMurdo Station is located 🙂


Inside our hangar at LDB, working on the Instrument Box of ANITA-4 before launch. PC: Christian Miki


Enjoying some solitude in Antarctica. PC: Linda C.