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Six new articles have been posted in this week’s issue number 1341 of the Ohio BEEF Cattle letter:

Proper early season pasture management sets the stage for a summer long productive pasture. That’s a focus this week!

Articles this week include:

    • Act Now to Keep Pastures Growing the Entire Grazing Season
    • “Butterweed” . . . Coming Soon to a Field Near You
    • Internal Parasite Control in Cow-Calf Herds: Impact on Animal Health and Herd Profitability
    • Are Parasite Problems Returning in Cattle Due to Dewormer Resistance?
    • When budgeting consider interest costs
    • April Cattle on Feed – What to Make of March Placements

Five new articles have been posted in this week’s issue number 1342 of the Ohio BEEF Cattle letter:

Today, when every pound of calf produced has record (or near record) value, how do we capitalize on gained efficiency within the production system? Garth Ruff explores the answer to that question this week.

Articles this week include:

    • Precision Livestock Farming to Improve Efficiency
    • Strategically Using Pregnancy Diagnosis to Identify Nonpregnant Cows
    • Production practices and value of artificial insemination and estrus synchronization programs of United States beef producers
    • Management strategies for eliminating those pretty yellow flowers
    • 2023 Beef Production Forecasts

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