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Six new articles have been posted in this week’s issue number 1254 of the Ohio BEEF Cattle letter:

Sometimes we end up with some ‘fall calvers’ simply because they were late to calve one of the years prior. However, maybe there’s merit in actually planning to have a fall calving herd. That’s exactly what Garth Ruff explores this week.


Articles this week include:

  • Fall Calving, Is It Profitable?
  • Using Nutrient Removal Rates to Improve Forage Productivity
  • Four Never Fail Rules of Grazing
  • Incorporating stockpiled fescue into the winter-feeding program
  • Hay Baler Safety
  • Factors Impacting Feedlot Placement

Sheep News

Rangeland Sheep Research

Christine Gelley, OSU Extension Educator ANR, Noble County On the border of Southwestern Montana and Eastern Idaho lay the rangelands that comprise the United States

Nuts and Bolts of Wool

Sponsored by the American Sheep Industry Association, Dr. Lisa Surber of LM Livestock Services discusses several topics in the wool industry including potential contaminates, how

Why Test Forage Quality?

Justin Brackenrich, Field and Forage Crops Extension Educator, Penn State University Andrew Sandeen, Extension Educator, Penn State University (previously published with Penn State Extension: June 30,

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