Kitchen Table Conversation

If you missed yesterday’s Kitchen Table Conversation with Extension Educators, Tony Nye and Beth Scheckelhoff, you are in luck. The recording of the episode “Women and Land Ownership” can be found by clicking here or by visiting

Join us today and Thursday at 11:30am for conversations on:

  • Wednesday, September 23 – Planning for the Family’s Future

Peggy Kirk Hall, Director, OSU Extension’s Agricultural and Natural Resources Law Program

Women often play an important role in keeping a family organized, so let’s talk about organizing a family’s future.  We’ll discuss tools that can help a family plan for needs such as retirement, health care, transitioning the farm business, and protecting family land.  We’ll also talk about the challenges of starting down the planning road, and strategies for getting plans in place.

  • Thursday, September 24– Farm Chores for Children

Dee Jepsen, State Leader, OSU Extension’s Agricultural Safety and Health Program

How does a child’s age and stage of development match up to their farm chores? How accurate are adults in assigning chores that meet the child’s ability? This kitchen table conversation explores best jobs for children at all ages, to learn about farming practices and build their work ethic, all the while keeping them safe.

All programs are held virtually using the ZOOM platform and require registration.  Interested individuals can register by clicking here. Once registered you will receive connection details to join the program.

We are proud to have the Ohio Soybean Council sponsor this session.

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