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Group of people holding an award
HOPE Alliance in Monroe County receiving the 2023 OYRC Community Partner Award

The Community Team element of the Ohio Youth Resilience Collaborative was based on the Iowa State University PROSPER model, so that small and strategic groups of stakeholders would have access to the latest research from university scientists and benefit from the expertise and consistent support of The Ohio State University. These Community Teams work closely with local schools and agencies to support the positive development of youth and their families, and they make sure the programs are sustained over time and consistently delivered with quality.

What are Community Teams?

Community Teams start with between eight and ten members, so they are relatively small compared to many communitycoalitions. These small strategic teams are also different in that they are an active working group, not an advisory committee, led by a county-based partner and supported by OYRC staff. The Community Team Leader, with support from OYRC, works with community partners to facilitate school involvement and ownership, ensure proper implementation of the school-based program, and coordinate team activities.

Team members may include social- and health-service providers, school administrators, parents and youth from the community, and representatives from: faith-based institutions, parent groups, businesses, law enforcement, and the juvenile justice system. Above all, team members should represent the diversity of the community.

What are the goals of Community Teams?

Goal 1— Sustain high-quality delivery of evidence-based programming, including:

  • Delivering evidence-based programs from the Prevention Programming menu
  • Monitoring the implementation quality of both programs
  • Raising funds and other resources to support programming each year

Goal 2— Build and maintain a productive Community Team including:

  • Having members that represent community organizations, agencies, youth & parents
  • Building awareness for the prevention efforts throughout the community​
  • Building and maintaining strong connections with community stakeholder groups and local champions

Interested in participating on a Community Team in your community? Send us an email!


The Ohio Youth Resilience Collaborative would not be possible without the support and collaboration of our partners across the state.

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