Show Off The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

While we hope your efforts produce blue ribbon-worthy produce, we also realize you might wind up with the “World’s Most Funky Tomato” or the remains of a rabbit party in your prized plot. Whatever title your fruits or veggies could win, or whatever shape your garden has taken – we want to see it all! Send your pictures and anecdotes to and we’ll share them on this site!

“I am a professed plant killer. Everything green in my yard looks half dead. My neighbor gave my son this failing tomato plant (realizing it would fit right in). We’ve kept it alive enough to sprout one single cherry tomato. Hoping the squ






 Pictures of Ohio Victory Gardens!



     my victory garden 2 more growing going on things are growing!!! Whats inside Seed kit packet!

V in Victory Garden in Snow

Victory Garden in Snow

Farmer's Market

Allister McCartney (6) at his River City Farmers Market Stand – Allister’s Tomatoes & More (ATM)