Pots & Plots

You have some spare dirt or maybe a pot just waiting for a plant, now you need to know what to plant, where, and why.

Pots:  This could be anything, if you can imagine it, try it! Make sure if you buy any pots that they have some form of drainage holes.  A pot may have a sleeve in it, but if the pot itself does not have a drainage hole,  this can cause water to sit at the base and in turn rot out the roots of whatever you plant in it.

Anything can be turned into a pot, planter or raised bed; items like cooking pots, cooking pans, tea kettles, boots, tin cans, pop and water bottles and water troughs.

Be on the lookout in your own home. There are so many items that you might get rid of that could be repurposed into a pot.

Raised beds:  Sometimes this means your beds are above ground but you still need to kneel or bend over to tend to your garden or it could mean it has legs that bring it to waist level.

In-ground beds/plots:  These are just that, gardens that are right in the ground. Might have to add some compost to make the plants happy.


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