Ohio Victory Garden Sprouts!

The Story of the Sunflower

It was so dark in there; I knew I had other friends waiting patiently alongside me, but I still felt alone. Just waiting for the day someone might pick me, take care of me, and love the beauty I knew I could become. I needed someone to help me make food, get me water, and find me my new home- the place where I start to thrive. Suddenly, I felt it. You were there! You were taking me home and I knew you would be the one to help me grow. You didn’t know much about me or my friends but you were ready to learn.

My other friends in here all have a purpose- they are going to feed the world one day but me, all people think I have is beauty. But I am so much more than that! I can feed people too! And not only people but birds and deer and so many more. I hope you enjoy my beauty but that you also use us all to feed the world.

I know we have arrived home; you place us in a dark cool room as you went about your day. Time has passed and I thought you forgot about us! But you were waiting for the perfect day- the perfect day to start us on our journey- our journey to beauty, to feeding the world.

It is dark and damp in here, but I don’t mind, I enjoy the nutrients and nourishment to help me grow. I know you can’t tell yet, but I am growing! I am rising and growing and making my way to see you again. I know I look different but that’s okay. I will change as I grow, and you will see all the ways I am beautiful.

Suddenly it happened- sunlight! Can you see me yet? I have grown and changed so much since you put me here. Do you recognize me? The warm sunlight and cool moist home you have provided me is just what I need to become who I am meant to be.

Pressley Buurma
Seneca County ANR Educator

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