Pollen Power

SOOOOO, you’ve begun to think about your 2022 garden, you’re itching for spring to be here and for that growing season to start? But have you given much thought about pollinators?

Pollinators have a mutualistic relationship with plants. Food for the pollinators, and distribution of pollen to allow plants to reproduce. But plants are not the only ones who benefit from the work that pollinators perform. Without pollinators, we wouldn’t have a great many of the fruits and veggies that most of us love. Not to mention, Honey, need I say more?

But what does your garden have to do with pollinators? Well, having pollinators frequent your garden, big or small, is a must! But some plants are higher on the list of what pollinators love.

Now when we talk about pollinators, we aren’t just talking about honeybees, we are talking about wasps, bees, moths, and butterflies to name a few.

Animal Pollination

                          U.S. Forest Service

And there are many ways to make your garden a pollinator friendly garden. You can add bee homes, create a butterfly waystation, and plant pollinator loving plants and just like that, you have yourself a pollinator loving space! Not sure where to start? Check out these pages that are filled with great information.

How to Build a Pollinator House

Monarch Waystations

How to Build a Pollinator Garden

Attracting Pollinators to the Garden

Attracting Pollinators to Your Garden Using Native Plants


HOWEVER, please do your research!!! Not all plants are good for our native pollinators.

Check out these pages below for details on how some plants are causing issues for our pollinators.

Monarch Joint Venture

Invasive Plant Species Can Hurt Both Pollinators and Native Plant Communities



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