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When you have a limited amount of space, gardening seems almost impossible. You want to have a garden, but the task doesn’t seem worth the headache of getting it figured out. It might seem daunting, but you aren’t alone. In fact, many before you have felt the same way and many have come up with easy ways to remove the dread and create a beautiful and bountiful space.

If you have a small balcony or a small patio with a roof overhang but you aren’t allowed to drill into the walls or railings etc., a tension rod shower caddy might just do the trick for a vertical planter! A pallet with a few boards added can be propped up against a wall or a door that doesn’t slide open, or even right beside your front door.

By Palettenprojektideen


Don’t have much of a back yard and only a small patio spot? Patio furniture can be multipurpose, a table for your drinks with a planter in the middle, a privacy wall laid out with pots for plants throughout.

By cat garden studio

If you have a corner or just a single window, a shower caddy or even a hanging up shower caddy could still be utilized to provide you space for plants. Whenever you have plants inside, you will want some plastic liners (wouldn’t want water all over the floor now would we…?!) Plastic liners can be bought, or plastic lids, pie pans, or plates could be re-purposed for the occasion.

By Jj K Inspirations

Only have one square foot to work with?? No problem! Someone has already come up with an idea for that as well so no need to reinvent the wheel, as the saying goes.

Whatever the space, there is always a way to transform that space into a garden. The possibilities are endless 😉

Still stumped on what you can do with those small tight spaces? Leave a comment describing the area/location you have to work with, and we will try to give you a few ideas!

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