2022 Event

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The second annual Ohio Advanced Air Mobility Symposium, “Pioneering the New Age of Aviation” addressed the question: What will air mobility means for the state of Ohio? We explored how the birthplace of Aviation can position itself as a hub for AAM research, testing, and manufacturing, in addition to proactively shaping policy and infrastructure planning efforts to integrate air mobility into our Ohio communities safely and equitably. 

The two-day (in-person!) event took place April 7-8th, 2022, featuring the following:

  • A trip to the Springfield UAS Center and Ohio State Research Centers to showcase flight tests, vehicle demonstrations, and tours of the facilities.
  • Networking Night cocktail and appetizer hours at the Ohio State Faculty Club, complete with student and faculty research showcases.
  • A full day of moderated panels at the Ohio State Fawcett Center with 4 panels, a keynote speaker, and short networking sessions.

2020’s flagship event included the participation of over 200 industry professionals and students who learned from leading experts about various topics surrounding airspace and community integration, supply chain necessities, and vehicle technology advancements. In the interim period, we also had the pleasure of hosting a virtual webinar, “Ohio’s Air Transportation Revolution,” which featured panelists from industry, government, and academia to discuss select insights and key considerations raised by Crown Consulting’s Ohio AAM economic impact analysis.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team at ENG-OAM@osu.edu. Thank you for your attendance at this event and your continued support!