Welcome to the 2023 Ohio Air Mobility Symposium

Please see the 2023 Event page for event details. Please reach out to the Symposium team at ENG-OAM@osu.edu.

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The third annual Ohio Air Mobility Symposium, Re-Defining Ohio Skies: Investments in Innovation,” showcases the state’s continued efforts within the Air Mobility Industry. Through investments in workforce development, infrastructure and regulatory framework, Ohio continues to set itself apart as a leader in this cutting-edge industry. This event explores how this fast-paced sector can continue fostering equitable and safe air mobility solutions. 


The two-day conference will take place March 29-30th at

The Ohio State University in Columbus, OH. 

We look forward to seeing you at this year’s event!

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Advanced Air Mobility refers to transporting passengers and goods by air. Since the jet engine was born, ground-breaking developments in autonomous flight, energy storage, electrical propulsion, and connected infrastructure have set the stage for the biggest revolution in the skies.

Together the symposium team strives to bring advanced air mobility to Ohio using collaboration across all levels of the industry and academia. With each event, the team works to improve progress to make Ohio the center of advanced air mobility.