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Urban Air Mobility refers to the transport of passengers and goods through the air. Groundbreaking developments in autonomous flight, energy storage and electrical propulsion, and connected infrastructure have set the stage for what many are calling the biggest revolution in the skies since the jet engine was born.

Ohio has a storied history in aviation and aerospace, and today remains a vibrant hub for this critical industry.  Join stakeholders spanning government, industry, and academia on Thursday February 27th, 2020 at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, to explore Ohio’s opportunity and role in advancing Urban Air Mobility.

The day-long symposium will feature panels and speakers which address various elements of the complex Urban Air Mobility (UAM) ecosystem, including:

  • Defining UAM and its specific use cases
  • Vehicle design, enabling technologies, and certification
  • Operational challenges: airspace integration, cyber-security, and traffic management
  • Infrastructure: planning, zoning, and financing (with Public-Private Partnerships)
  • Leveraging Ohio’s research, testing, manufacturing, and early use cases for UAM

There will be plenty of opportunities for networking throughout the event, such as our lunch and post-event reception. Guests are also encouraged to reach out to the event organizing entities to schedule follow up discussions and/or site visits to tour Ohio’s capability centers such as university research labs and the Ohio UAS Center.