We greatly appreciate that you are interested in the Ohio Study. Like so many things that have been disrupted by the recent coronavirus pandemic, all research activities at the Ohio State University have been temporarily suspended to protect the health of our staff, students, and visitors. As a result, members of our team will not be able to schedule new appointments at this time. If you are interested in participating in the future, please fill out our online eligibility screener by clicking on the “Surveys” tab at the top of this page and we will contact you to schedule an appointment once research at OSU has resumed.

We greatly appreciate your willingness to help better understand the factors that influence adolescent’s health and well-being. We hope that you and your loved ones remain safe and healthy in the midst of these challenging times.


The Ohio Study Team


The fMRI portion of the Ohio Study will take place at Ohio State University. An fMRI is essentially a large magnet that allows us to take pictures of your brain (see image below). In the scanner, the adolescent will be completing a series of tasks. Adolescents will be in the scanner completing these tasks for approximately 1.5 hours.

*Please note that every participant who comes in for a session MUST be accompanied by a parent/guardian. Only one parent/guardian will be allowed to come in to the fMRI lab with the adolescent. This parent/guardian will have the opportunity to complete some questionnaires and tasks on the computer.

Breakdown of session

  • When you arrive at your session, both the caregiver and the adolescent will need to sign their screening and consent forms
  • The participant will then be placed in the “mock scanner” to get a feel for the actual dimensions of the magnet and the noises associated with its scans
  • Participants will then complete a series of ‘practice tasks’ on the computer to get a feel for the tasks they will be asked to complete in the scanner
  • Adolescents and one caregiver will be taken down to the fMRI lab where subjects will complete their scan session and caregivers will complete a series of questionnaires
  • Both the adolescent and parent/guardian will have the option to provide hair, blood and saliva samples
  • Once the session has been completed, adolescents and caregivers will be paid for their time and given a parking validation pass