General Motors Innovation Competition – 1st Place in the Nation

In Spring, 2015, a group of Ohio State SME Students participated in the GM Innovation Challenge. Students from the University of Michigan, Michigan State, Virginia Tech, and Penn State also competed in this event. The goal of this challenge was to come up with a creative cost-effective and innovative technology to incorporate into manufacturing facilities. Each team was tasked with creating a conceptualized product, process, or method to incorporate into vehicle manufacturing. After an extensive period of research and analysis the Ohio State group came up with the idea to incorporate piezoelectric flooring into the facilities to reduce their carbon footprint and promote sustainability in the future.  After competing in a campus-wide competition then presenting their design idea to a panel of judges, the Ohio State SME team won first place. Each team member was given $1000 prize money and received an internship offer from GM.

Link to Article: engineering.osu.edu/news/2015/05/ohio-state-engineering-students-capture-top-honors-gm-innovation-challenge

Design for Direct Digital Manufacturing Competition- 2nd Place in the Nation


The Ohio State SME chapter formed a team that collaborated, brainstormed, and problem solved to come up with a 3D printed solution to positively affect society. The goal of the project was to use additive manufacturing to create a mobility device, healthcare device, or architectural mock-up that optimized its use in the world. The group decided to create custom 3D printed foot orthotics. Similar to how machine sensors measure feet in a store to recommend the right orthotic to each customer, a sensory mat would measure someone’s foot and a 3D printer would print out a customized orthotic insert. The orthotics were created to reduce the lead time while selling custom products at affordable prices. The group used the mold of one members foot and created a prototype of an orthotic insert using a 3D printer, sent the file with a detailed report, and finished 2nd in the nation.