Summer Meeting Zoom to Plan for the New Year

Thanks to everyone who joined for the zoom meeting to discuss operations for this upcoming year — what a crew!

We are looking forward to the start of the year and will be making more announcements soon on official meetings times, recruitment events, and overall plans for the year. We are currently planning on making most, if not all, of our events for the year virtually accessible, if not exclusively virtual–so we are sure we will have many more zooms to come! Hope you are staying well and healthy, go Bucks!

Staters take the Stadium!

This past Tuesday, Staters had the incredible opportunity of attending the Columbus Blue Jackets game — and to see them win! Thanks to everyone who made this evening possible (particularly Faculty Advisor Dave DeAngelo!) and to everyone who came out to have a good time.

Welcoming all our newest members!

Congratulations to our newest ranks of Staters! We are proud to welcome our most recent inductees of probationary members: Andrew Firnbach, Jake Shepherd, Sakeef Ahsan, Brianna Carr, James Desch, Wajih Choudhury, and Ava Miller (featured below)! We are looking forward to all of the wonderful things these individuals are bound to accomplish in and around the university as a part of OSI.