The organization’s overall goal is to complete projects that promote the traditions and welfare of the Ohio State University. Our projects vary in size, target audience, timeline and budget, but stay true to the purpose of Ohio Staters, Inc.

The Project Process

Our project process involves four stages, which ensure the project remains within the scope of Staters. This means it promotes the traditions and/or welfare of the university.

Stage 1: Scope
We begin our project process by deeming that the project fits within the scope of the organization. This phase outlines a high-level idea with an overall vision for the project.


Stage 2: Informal
In the next phase of the project we begin to solidify a plan of action for the project. We start to formulate the cost of the project, establish collaborators and begin to turn the vision into something more tangible.


Stage 3: Formal
During the next, and arguably most important phase, we come to a consensus on the proposed budget and hours that are to be spent on the project. Once the money is allocated we execute the project.


Stage 4: Wrap-Up
Finally, once the project is completed, we wrap up the project by discussing overall comments on how it went and how to improve the project in the future if it should be repeated.