Past Projects

Since 1933, Ohio Staters, Inc. has completed many projects around campus that better the welfare of Ohio State Students and promote the traditions of The Ohio State University. Take a look at OSI’s extensive project history here!


Books Behind Bars

This project was a part of the First Year Success Series inviting first-year students to engage in conversation about the privileges and opportunities we have at The Ohio State University to challenge our own preconceptions and attitudes. This project addressed issues of censorship, social injustice, and the related issues OSU students face on campus today.

Buckeye Ballots

This was a project aimed at increasing accessibility to absentee voting supplies for students on campus. Voting packets, stuffed with two stamps, an instruction sheet, application to vote, and an envelope were distributed to three dorms, Thompson Library and The Ohio Union. This project was a partnership between Ohio Staters and OSU Votes, with time and money put in by both sides.

Buckeye Traditions

The Ohio State football team plays outside of the recently completed Ohio Stadium in 1923. At the time of the its completion in 1922 the stadium was the largest west of the Allegheny Mountains. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE OHIO HISTORY CONNECTION

This project highlights old Ohio State traditions that may have been forgotten and are no longer occurring at the university. Co-chairs Christine Andreeva and Lauren Petersen made visual flyers featuring 4 old traditions that were on display at the Ohio Union. They also collaborated with the Student-Alumni Council to add current and past OSI traditions to their Buckeye Book, which is sent to new classes of Buckeyes.

Founder’s Day 2022

Founders’ Day Commemorates the first day of classes at Ohio State and serves to educate and inform the student body about the history of Ohio State. This is an annual event held on September 17th! This year, we plan to focus the event on celebrating the 100th Anniversary of The Shoe!

Fred Beekman’s Legacy

The goal of this project was to honor the life and legacy of Fred Beekman with a handicapped accessible fitness park and memorial located in the current Fred Beekman Park. The memorial also consists of informational signs noting the impact that Fred Beekman had at this University.

Global Carmeny, October 2021

The vision of Global Carmeny is to create an interactive digital display of Carmen Ohio translated into various languages for the public to engage with in the Ohio Union. Viewers will be able to select a language on a touchscreen display that will guide them to a translated version of the alma mater. Audio can be implemented to play a recording of the Men’s Glee Club singing the English version of Carmen. As it plays, the display could highlight the matching portion in the chosen language. These languages could initially be chosen based on countries that our student population represents, then expanded periodically to account for new representation on campus if deemed necessary. Next to the electronic display would be an installation of the alma mater in Braille to accommodate our visually impaired visitors. Thus, Global Carmeny will unify the multicultural presence of the Ohio State University and emphasize the university’s core values of diversity and inclusion.

How Firm Thy Safety, March 2018

This project gives students, staff, and faculty the opportunity to let the Department of Public Safety know that we appreciate all of their hard work and service in protecting the campus community.

Light Up the Lake 2022

Light Up the Lake is the signature tradition of hanging seasonal lights around the Mirror Lake Hollow in hopes of bringing the Ohio State community together and brighten campus during the winter season. LUTL includes ceremony of student group performances, followed by attendees joining in a rendition of Carmen Ohio, and then the lighting of the Mirror Lake Hollow. Last year we partnered with Theme Park Engineering Group to enhance our tradition by doing a light show, and we are now brainstorming how we can build off of this for this winter!

Little Free Libraries, July 2021

The goal of Little Free Libraries is to provide an opportunity to exchange books and encourage casual readership among the Ohio State community. There will be several booths around campus filled with books. These will be centrally located on frequently traveled areas. Additionally, we will market the point of the Little Library, specifically the take a book leave, a book mentality. These libraries will be designed to hold books of various levels and interests, and painted in an Ohio State spirit.

Michigan Traditions & Rivalry Rally

A week before the ❌ichigan game, OSI joined the Student-Alumni Council’s Rivalry Rally event to get students excited for the upcoming game! For the first 500 students, OSI provided signature Ohio beanies, featuring a TBDBITL member as the I. The OSU Club Dance Team, Block O, and the OSU Football Team Captains, and strength coach made an appearance during the rally! Our very own faculty member and CEO and President of the Alumni Association, Molly Ranz-Calhoun, also spoke during this event. We had an amazing turn out as we spread OSU excitement and pride!

Script Ohio, September 2018

The goal of “Script Ohio” was to commemorate The Ohio State Marching Band and their signature “Script Ohio” while also paying tribute to the past band directors and the history of the band. You can check out the granite sculpture of Script Ohio and including a signboard with the accomplishments and landmark dates of the marching band. Members of the Ohio State community are encouraged to creatively dot their own “i” on the sculpture, and we have a social media campaign with #DotYourOwnI.

Student Leaders Summit, January 2021

The goal of Student Leadership Summit was to build the knowledge base of student organization leaders so they may apply that information to their respective student organizations, thus increasing the overall effectiveness and meaningfulness of being involved in Student Life activities. Ohio Staters hosted a themed conference featuring guest speakers, keynote presentations, and workshop discussions catered toward empowering student organizations.

Reflections On Mirror Lake, September 2019

For the completion of the Mirror Lake renovations, Staters is constructing informational signs throughout the Historic Mirror Lake District. These signs will share the historical significance of Mirror Lake and Browning Amphitheater to the Ohio State community.