Orton Bell Tower Requests

Orton Hall was constructed between 1891 and 1893 and named after Edward Orton Sr., OSU’s first President and Professor of Geology.  The building contains a geological museum, and was constructed to represent the geology of both Ohio, and the United States. The turret-like tower contains fourteen bells; twelve bells were a gift from the classes of 1906-1914 and were first delivered to campus on February 11, 1915. Orton Hall was placed on the National Registry of Historic Places on July 16, 1970. Ohio Staters, Incorporated proudly offers tours of Orton Hall, including the bell tower. Guests will have the opportunity to learn more about this historical building, go up into the bell tower, and even play the chimes. In addition, members of Ohio Staters will play the chimes as requested for special events.

Please fill out the Tour Request Form Here to schedule a tour or chime playing in Orton Hall.

Please note the following guidelines:
Ohio Staters, Inc. requires a minimum two weeks notice of any tours or chime playing.
The bell tower has a strict capacity limiting the number of people per tour. Each tour will be accompanied by two tour guides, and can hold up to eight guests for a total of 10 people per tour. Therefore, tour groups must be made of eight or fewer guests. If you would like to request a tour for more than eight people, the group must be broken up into separate tours. These tours can begin approximately within 30 minutes of each other. 
All visitors must sign an Access Agreement Form. 
Donations of $20 per tour and $50 per chime playing for special events are recommended. The $20 donation applies to each tour group taken in to the bell tower. (Example: If a group of 15 people wants to tour Orton, they will be broken into a group of 7 and a group of 8, and a donation of $40 would be recommended). The tour guides can accept donations as a check made payable to “Ohio Staters, Inc.”. We can NOT accept cash or credit.
For any further questions, please contact Traditions chairs Madalynn Conkle or Riley Evans!