Completed Projects

Since 1933, Ohio Staters, Inc. has completed many projects around campus that better the welfare of Ohio State Students and promote the traditions of The Ohio State University. Take a look at OSI’s extensive project history here.

  • Buckeye Ballots
    • This was a project aimed at increasing accessibility to absentee voting supplies for students on campus. Voting packets, stuffed with two stamps, an instruction sheet, application to vote, and an envelope were distributed to three dorms, Thompson Library and The Ohio Union. This project was a partnership between Ohio Staters and OSU Votes, with time and money put in by both sides.
  • Student Leaders Summit
    • The goal of Student Leadership Summit was to build the knowledge base of student organization leaders so they may apply that information to their respective student organizations, thus increasing the overall effectiveness and meaningfulness of being involved in Student Life activities. Ohio Staters hosted a themed conference featuring guest speakers, keynote presentations, and workshop discussions catered toward empowering student organizations.
  • Fred Beekman’s Legacy
    • The goal of this project was to honor the life and legacy of Fred Beekman with a handicapped accessible fitness park and memorial located in the current Fred Beekman Park. The memorial also consists of informational signs noting the impact that Fred Beekman had at this University.
  • Script Ohio
    • The goal of “Script Ohio” was to commemorate The Ohio State Marching Band and their signature “Script Ohio” while also paying tribute to the past band directors and the history of the band. You can check out the granite sculpture of Script Ohio and including a signboard with the accomplishments and landmark dates of the  marching band. Members of the Ohio State community are encouraged to creatively dot their own “i” on the sculpture, and we have a social media campaign with #DotYourOwnI.
  • Bricks of Buckeyes Past
    • Bricks of Buckeyes Past was a project that sought to beautify campus and emphasize Ohio State traditions and history by creating a display of donated bricks and stones from old OSU campus buildings that will be visible to students, faculty and staff, visitors, and alumni. Each brick is labeled indicating the name of the building from which it came, the dates during which the building stood, and a photo of the building. There is a display in the Stater display case and any other bricks will be donated to the resource of University Archives.
  •  Books Behind Bars
    • This project was a part of the First Year Success Series inviting first-year students to engage in conversation about the privileges and opportunities we have at The Ohio State University to challenge our own preconceptions and attitudes. This project addressed issues of censorship, social injustice, and the related issues OSU students face on campus today.