Active Projects

Each semester, Ohio Staters, Inc. sponsors numerous projects seeking to improve the welfare of Ohio State students and promote the traditions of the university. Currently, OSI is working on the projects listed below. Check them out to see how Ohio Staters, Inc. is working hard to make Ohio State an inclusive, enjoyable and tradition-filled University for all!

Buckeye Traditions

The Ohio State football team plays outside of the recently completed Ohio Stadium in 1923. At the time of the its completion in 1922 the stadium was the largest west of the Allegheny Mountains. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE OHIO HISTORY CONNECTION

This project highlights old Ohio State traditions that may have been forgotten and are no longer occurring at the university. Our plan is to make a visual presentation that can be features on e-boards to remind current OSU faculty, staff, and students about past Ohio State traditions and pride. We are working with the Student Alumni Council. New active members Christine Andreeva and Lauren Petersen are co-chairing this project!

Founder’s Day 2022

Founders’ Day Commemorates the first day of classes at Ohio State and serves to educate and inform the student body about the history of Ohio State. This is an annual event held on September 17th! This year, we plan to focus the event on celebrating the 100th Anniversary of The Shoe!

How Farm Thy Friendship

This project is going to be a farmers’ market in the Union plaza that helps student orgs on campus sell fresh produce to fellow buckeyes. We plan to collaborate with The Ohio State Student Farm, USG Sustainability Committee, and the OSU Dairy Club. This is a new project developed by probationary member Sierra Sutton who has been developing this project since she was a prospective member!

In the Swing of Things

In the Swing of Things is a project to install swings around campus.
The university is planning to place swings on residential campuses so we are focusing on locations around academic campus. We received an invoice with prices to know an estimate of the cost. We are now looking at possible locations and determining how many swings we want to install.

Lettuce Upgrade

This new project brought to us by probationary member Jillian Krawtz aims to provide more user-friendly labeling of vegetarian, vegan, and other dietary restriction options on GrubHub. We plan to work with OSU Dining and GrubHub to make these options easier to find!

Light Up the Lake 2022

Light Up the Lake is the signature tradition of hanging seasonal lights around the Mirror Lake Hollow in hopes of bringing the Ohio State community together and brighten campus during the winter season. LUTL includes ceremony of student group performances, followed by attendees joining in a rendition of Carmen Ohio, and then the lighting of the Mirror Lake Hollow. Last year we partnered with Theme Park Engineering Group to enhance our tradition by doing a light show, and we are now brainstorming how we can build off of this for this winter!

Michigan Traditions

The goal of Michigan Tradition is to create a large community event centered around the Michigan Game.  The vision of the Michigan Tradition is in two parts: the first is a celebration that will take place outside of the Stadium with booths for activities, appearances from groups like the Marching band and pep band, and food, and the second half is the ceremony itself. We’ll bring the crowd into the stadium, pass out electric candles, have a quick speech explaining the ceremony, sing Carmen Ohio, and conclude with the launching of fireworks. We hope for the first annual Michigan Tradition to happen this fall, and we are collaborating with athletics and other student organizations to make it happen!

Nobel Prize


Back in the 70s, OSI erected two plaques celebrating Ohio State Nobel Laureates. In the past 50 years the concrete plinths have eroded, meaning it’s time for an update. We are installing a new set of plaques, including our newer laureates. This will go in at the 18th Avenue Library’s pillars and have room for more winners to come! Once the plaques are installed, we will hold an unveiling ceremony!

Oval Beach

This is a new project, scoped by Maelyn Cheng, that brings back the tradition of “Oval Beach” to Buckeye students. It will include food trucks, games, and many more activities, and we plan to host the first annual Oval Beach in spring semester 2023. The plan is to hold the event before finals week to give the students a break before exams.

Pandemic Perspectives

Pandemic Perspectives is a podcast series to document OSU’s experience with the COVID-19 pandemic and will provide an opportunity for students impacted by COVID to share their story with future Buckeyes. We plan on interviewing various people representing different facets of OSU, primarily in Denney Hall’s Digital Union recording studio. The final installations will be published on Spotify, linked on the Stater website, and wherever else podcasts can be uploaded. We began interviews in October, are currently in the editing stage, and plan on beginning to publish episodes this summer

Wish Upon a Beloved Buckeye

Wish Upon a Beloved Buckeye is a project to install a buckeye statue on the South Oval to commemorate OSU students and faculty who passed during their time here. This buckeye statue will be installed when the South Oval is repaved and will include a way for those passing by to leave donations and/or wishes. We recently got sculpture designs and a cost estimate from Columbus artist Virginia Kistler!