Active Projects

Each semester, Ohio Staters, Inc. sponsors numerous projects seeking to improve the welfare of Ohio State students and promote the traditions of the university. Currently, OSI is working on the projects listed below. Check them out to see how Ohio Staters, Inc. is working hard to make Ohio State an inclusive, enjoyable and tradition-filled University for all!

Colonel Converse Memorial

This project is to create and install a biographical plaque to commemorate Colonel Converse, the namesake of Converse Hall. Colonel Converse was an early professor of Military Science at Ohio State who helped establish the ROTC program nationally by co-authoring the Ohio Plan, along with Pres. Thompson, Gen. Edward Orton Jr., and OSU alumnus Ralph D. Mershon which laid the groundwork for the National Defense Act

Hang on Sloopy

Hang on Sloopy aims to install hammock posts around campus as an alternative to using trees​. This also promotes student wellness through creating more spots for students to hammock and encouraging spending time outdoors​. We are looking at Lincoln Tower Fields and the South Oval as first installation locations

In the Swing of Things

In the Swing of Things is a project to install swings around campus.
The university is planning to place swings on residential campuses so we are focusing on locations around academic campus. We received an invoice with prices to know an estimate of the cost. We are now looking at possible locations and determining how many swings we want to install.

Little Free Libraries

Little Free Libraries is a campus-wide construction project intended to promote literacy and readership across the university in the form of book exchange installations​. We have already finished a library on the second floor of the Union and are currently in the process of installing one in Denney Hall! This project is being undertaken with support from the English Department and the College of Arts & Sciences

Nobel Prize


Back in the 70s, OSI erected two plaques celebrating Ohio State Nobel Laureates. In the past 50 years the concrete plinths have eroded, meaning it’s time for an update. We are installing a new set of plaques, including our newer laureates. This will go in at the 18th Avenue Library’s pillars and have room for more winners to come! Once the plaques are installed, we will hold an unveiling ceremony!

Moon Trees

Pandemic Memorial

University Redesign Museum

This new project, scoped by Eli Burgett, aims to switch out the display cases in University Hall with an updated display! The new displays would showcase Ohio State’s athletic history and improvements in diversity.

Wish Upon a Beloved Buckeye

Wish Upon a Beloved Buckeye is a project to install a buckeye statue on the South Oval to commemorate OSU students and faculty who passed during their time here. This buckeye statue will be installed when the South Oval is repaved and will include a way for those passing by to leave donations and/or wishes. We recently got sculpture designs and a cost estimate from Columbus artist Virginia Kistler!

Where’s Brutus

This project aims to update the map of Brutus statues on and around campus. We have been working with Tracy Stuck to learn about the history of Brutus and the statues’ current locations.

Zumba in the Shoemba

We want to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the first Group Fitness class at Ohio State by hosting a large fitness class in the ‘Shoe. We are coordinating with Rec Sports and Facility events to find a date in the spring​. Student instructors will lead participants in a Zumba class, and there will be giveaways and an opportunity for photos on the field and with Brutus!