I’m still in High School, can I attend summer sessions? They are open to all high school students, Ohio State students, and students enrolled at a member college or university of the Higher Education Council of Columbus. A one-time advance registration is required for all students who wish to participate in Summer Sessions.

Do I have to bring my own instrument? No, drums and cymbals are available at the band center for use in summer sessions.

Can I bring my instrument home with me to practice? Instruments may be brought home after a student has attended 4 consecutive summer sessions, is 18+ years old, and lives in Ohio.

I am unable to attend summer sessions. How can I prepare the curriculum? See “Out of State/Unable to Attend“.

Do I have to bring my own sticks/mallets? Yes, students must bring their own sticks or mallets.

What sticks can I use?  Any marching sticks or mallets for your respective instrument can be used.

What sticks should I buy? Any marching stick or mallet can be used during summer sessions, but we suggest buying:

  • Snare: Innovative Percussion FS-PR2,
  • Tenors: Innovative Percussion TS-3
  • Bass: Innovative Percussion FBX Series Mallets
    • Bass 1: FBX-1
    • Bass 2: FBX-2
    • Bass 3&4: FBX-3
    • Bass 5: FBX-4
    • Bass 6: FBX-5

Still can’t find the answer to one of your questions? contact osumb@osu.edu