Summer Sessions

Summer Sessions are a student run rehearsal taking place on Tuesdays and Thursdays during June, July, and August. These sessions teach candidate members all of the marching and playing fundamentals and prepare incoming candidates and veterans for the Ohio State University Marching Band’s tryout process and the marching band season.


All Summer Session participants must complete a one-time online registration form before attending any Summer Sessions.


While Summer Sessions are an important tool that can be used for veteran members and candidates alike, attendance is not required to audition for the marching band.


Anyone unfamiliar with Ohio State’s campus can download this OSU Campus Map to help find their way around. There is visitor parking around Ohio Stadium that is Pay-and-Display and the rehearsals take place on the Lincoln Tower fields.


Tuesdays and Thursdays are outdoor rehearsals, including an outdoor drumline sectional and outdoor marching session. Students are expected to wear attire suited for physical activity (gym shorts, athletic shoes) and be prepared for a physically demanding night. Outdoor rehearsals will be used to teach playing technique and approach to marching while wearing the instrument. This is especially helpful for candidates that have never played Ohio State’s more traditional style (including snare drums on slings, flipping of cymbals, and tenors while high step marching). The marching section will consist of instruments breaking off into their own small groups so the squad leaders can teach and refine the fundamentals that the band is expected to learn that evening. The band will then return to a full block and march drill and play school songs while marching. After the session is over, attending members will receive feedback on their marching and playing performances. This enables members to work on their weaknesses outside of Summer Sessions, helping to refine their technique and ultimately improve their marching skill.




The Ohio State University Marching Band utilizes 43 different marching fundamentals. While this may seem daunting at first, it should not discourage anyone from auditioning. The fundamentals are spread out over the course of two months, giving students ample time to learn and refine these fundamentals in preparation for tryouts. Summer Sessions also cover maneuvers that are not fundamentals, such as the Ramp Entrance and Hang On Sloopy. The band will also march and play school songs, oftentimes using to-the-rears to reverse face and play another song back down the field. This helps develop a candidate’s proficiency in marching and playing in the traditional style.


Below is a list of Summer Session dates and the fundamentals that will be covered and fundamental videos. It is the expectations of the Squad Leaders that candidates will look ahead to the upcoming session and watch the portion of the video that correlates to the fundamentals that will be covered. The videos below run through each and every one of these fundamental maneuvers. Each instrument has their own video posted below. These videos can be a valuable tool, allowing students unable to make it to Summer Sessions a certain evening to still have the fundamental explained and demonstrated to them and other students to look ahead and learn the fundamentals for a night before the session starts. This allows these students to understand how the fundamental works and spend their time at Summer Sessions getting feedback and improving upon these marching moves.


2019 Summer Sessions will begin on Tuesday, June 4th.


Tuesdays: Sectionals from 5:00 – 6:30pm and full band from 6:30 – 9:00pm

Thursdays: Sectionals from 5:00 – 6:30pm and full band from 6:30 – 9:00pm


2019 Summer Session Schedule

Note: These are the dates for full band summer sessions. There will be playing-only rehearsals on Wednesday nights for the drumline through the months of June and July in addition to the dates below.

June 4 – Posture / Chair Step / Attention / At Ease / Instruments Up & Down / In Place Movements

June 6 –  Mark Time Drill / Mark Time / 8 to 5 / Halt Kick Down / Flanks / Regular TTR

June 11 – Box TTR / Backwards Marching / Lateral Slides

June 13 – 6 to 5 / Adjusted Step / Backwards Marching Adjusted Step / Arm Swing / Countdowns / Slide TTR

June 18 – Review Day  / Marching and Playing Fight the Team

June 20 – Review Day

June 25 – Obliques / Hats Off / Slow Turns / Up Step Turn  / Marching and Playing Beautiful Ohio

June 27 – Side Step & Step Side / Step Kick / Slow Turns

July 2 – Review Day / Ramp


July 9 – Review Day  (Focus Session #1)

July 10 – Review Day   (Focus Session #1)

July 11 – Review Day  (Focus Session #1)

July 16 – Mock Tryouts / Marching and Playing Down By The Ohio

July 18 – Sloopy

July 23 – Mock Tryouts / Marching and Playing I Wanna Go Back

July 24 – Mock Tryouts

July 30 – Review Day (Focus Session #2) / Mock Tryouts

July 31 – Review Day (Focus Session #2) / Mock Tryouts

August 1 – Review Day (Focus Session #2) / Mock Tryouts

August 5 – Mock Tryouts

August 6 – Mock Tryouts

August 7 – Mock Tryouts


For more information regarding Summer Sessions visit the OSUMB’s website.


Snare Drum


Bass Drum


Tenor Drum