Upcoming Sectionals!

After a short 2 months, we are back for winter/spring sectionals starting next Wednesday! Any high school through college age student is welcome and encouraged to attend if you plan to tryout at some point in the future. Drums and cymbals are provided, just please bring sticks and a print out of the Buckeye Technique packet. The dates for sectionals will be as follows.

February 26th

March 4th, 18th

April 1st, 8th, 22nd, 29th

All sectionals will be held at the Steinbrenner Band Center (1961 Tuttle Park Pl, Columbus, OH 43210), located on the Northeast side of Ohio Stadium.

Sectionals will go from 6:30pm to 9pm and begin in the percussion room. Any changes to sectionals will be posted on this website so be sure to check back here from week to week!




Summer Sessions: 7/30 – 8/1 Focus Week

For next weeks focus sessions, everyone will be meeting at 4 pm instead of 5 pm for extra sectional time. Mark and a few drum techs will be working with individual sections so it will be a great opportunity to get a more personal and in depth discussion about improvements you can make coming into these final weeks before tryouts.

Also a reminder that all requirements for the music audition are available to those that have registered for tryouts. Once registered, you should receive and email with this information.

Summer Sessions: 7/11

Great focus week this week! Tryouts are a little over 4 weeks away and it will come fast.

Musically, we went through the mash up a lot this week, keep working through that. Also make sure we are looking at BT #7, To Each Their Own, and the rest of BT.

Summer Session: 6/25

Another great night of practice last night! Mark is out this week so we are mostly doing sectional work. Our goals for this week include…

  • To Each Their Own (All the way through)
  • All of BT #9
  • Section Jams (Agog, Ramified, Canorous)
  • Cadence series
  • All previously set goals

This will be the last week of learning fundamentals so make sure you are keeping up on the marching side of things!

Summer Sessions 6/18

Thank you to all that came and stuck it out through the rain last night! Here are the goals.

  • Have all of Buckeye Technique ready to play, while meeting tempo goals set by previous sessions.
  • Snares, Tenors, and Bass Drums: Look at your section specific Jam, (Agog, Canorous, and Ramified), we will likely play these on Thursday as well as much of next week.
  • Keep working on Everyday Jam.
  • Also, start looking at school songs. Fight the Team should be memorized for marching an playing on Thursday!

Let’s keep getting better!

Summer Session: 6/13

Thank you to all that came out and braved the weather this evening! Here are goals for next week.

  • BT#1: 220 bpm (playing 8 8 24 24 iteration)
  • BT#2: 200 bpm
  • BT#4: 140 bpm
  • To Each Their Own: Have this under your hands

Start working on section jams, we will work in sectionals on these the last week of June!

Summer Session: 6/11

Starting this week, I will begin posting information regarding what music goals have been set for the next session or coming weeks. The following are goals set last night.

  • BT (Buckeye Technique) #1: 220 bpm
  • BT #2: 200 bpm
  • BT #4: 134 bpm
  • BT #6: 140 bpm
  • BT #9: 132 bpm (beginning —> B)
  • Everyday Jam: 108 bpm

Make sure to keep looking through the rest of buckeye technique as well!

New Music Uploaded

Music for the following has been uploaded to the website and can be found on the music PDFs page.

  • Agog – Snare Jam
  • Day Jam – All parts
  • The 2019 Mash Up! – All parts

TheĀ  audio file for the mash up can be found on the music MP3s page

Sectionals: Get ready for summer!

This is a reminder that last weeks sectional was our last of the semester and that there is no sectional this week. Keep working on everything we covered this spring and we hope to see you on June 4th for the first Summer Session.

More information will be sent out before the first session but this is a reminder that we will not meet early on the first summer session June 4th, we will begin to meet early at 5 on June 6th.

Keep an eye on the website for updates!