Summer Sessions: Week of 9/19


Our music goals stay mostly the same from last Thursday to this coming Tuesday:

Goals for 6/19:

Natty Jam up to the tempo change (m. 38)

Bucks Tech 10: 1-6

  • Exercise #1 at 212 BPM
  • Exercise #3 at 174 BPM
  • Exercise #5 at 112 BPM
  • Exercise #6 at 108 BPM

Gumball at 110 BPM

Building Blocks at 100

  • We delve further into building blocks this past week with a focus on correct timing. Once you know your rhythms are correct and consistent throughout the exercise, increase tempo.

Fight the Team must be memorized for Thursday!



New Skills:

  • Backwards marching, slide TTR (6/20)
  • Lateral slides, backward lateral slides, horn slides, “Fight the Team” memorized (6/22)

Past Skills:

  • Regular TTR, box TTR, countdown drill (6/15)
  • Flanks, *flashes, step-forward about face, box drill (6/13)
  • Mark time, mark time drill, 8-to-5, marching and playing (6/8)
  • In-place movements (attention, directional facings, chair step, **horns up, **horns down, posture) (6/6)
*denotes skill only utilized by brass performers, **not utilized by snare drummers


Message to New Students:

While this may seem like an overwhelming amount of information to have missed out on, it is never too late to join us for summer sessions! The goal of these sessions is to learn and grow as a player, performer, and marcher. We can catch you up quickly to get you up to speed with the curriculum. Students need not to feel discouraged by missing any number of sessions as we have plenty of squad leaders and veteran members who are happy and willing to bring you up to speed. Do not be discouraged if you are unable to meet the playing goals; the point of these sessions is to grow!

Out of State/Unable to Attend:

Don’t worry about being left behind! Our veteran marching band members will help get you caught up on the fundamentals taught throughout the summer. This summer, we are offering two Focus Weeks (July 5-7 and August 1-3) that each will provide a review of music and marching fundamentals, so you can catch up without having to attend sessions over multiple weeks.

Our virtual Summer Sessions, returning in 2023, are also a tremendous opportunity to learn our marching and playing style from anywhere in the world. You can also upload a video of yourself marching to YouTube and our squad leaders will review it and give you feedback. Please send videos, unlisted, to squad leader emails below. It is suggested that students send videos of fundamentals grouped by the weekly schedule.


Marching Fundamental Instructional Videos:

BassTenorsCymbalsSnare Drum


Any questions, comments or concerns or marching/playing videos can be directed to:

Ryan Harris (Snare SL)Justin Williams (Snare ASL)

Caleb Richardson (Tenor SL)Andrew Haines (Bass ASL)Abby Dickman (Cymbals ASL)