University Clubs

API couldn’t do operate without our undergraduate members/volunteers! They are integral to our mission to educate them about this field, and they do a large amount of the work. API has fully established clubs at two universities, as well as expansions at several universities in progress of obtaining club status. Following are the clubs and expansions, along with their respective contact information to get involved.


  • The Ohio State University – Contact Mohammad Khan at:
  • University of Pittsburgh – Contact Julia Foust at:


  • University of Colorado Denver – Contact Amber Bollinger at:
  • University of Houston – Contact Kylee Duey at:
  • University of Maryland – Contact Keegan Kalmbach at:
  • Rice University – Contact Kylee Duey at:
  • University of Southern California – Contact Emil McClean at:
  • University of Texas at Dallas – Contact Maya Parks at:
  • University of Washington – Contact Dylan Beam at:
  • Washington State University – Contact Dylan Beam at:

Not a college student? That’s okay! We would still love to work with you! API has non-club members in California, Colorado, Maryland, Missouri, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington.

If you would like to work with us without joining a club or would like to start a new club contact Dylan Beam at