About Us


Our Mission

The mission of the Accessible Prosthetics Initiative (API) is to increase access to prostheses. We do this

through three main facets: education, networking, and development of accessible devices.

What We Do

We create awareness of open-source 3D printed prosthetics through outreach and discuss the impact of affordable and

attainable 3D printed prosthetics. We plan to implement a curriculum on how to access the files

and means to produce a 3D printed prosthetic for others.

Who We Are

We are a group of students from various backgrounds dedicated to making prosthetics more accessible

for amputees using open-source and 3D-printing technologies.


Nonprofit Board Of Directors: 

Amber Bollinger

Bayley McRitchie

Braden Jamora

Dylan Beam

Justin Pena

Kael Danicic

Keegan Kalambach

Mohammad Khan

Rafay Khan

Reem Azar



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E-Mail: ohiostate@apiprosthetics.org

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook: @apiprosthetics