What is API?

    The Accessible Prosthetics Initiative (API) is a pending 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that believes prosthetics should be available to those who need them. API tackles this goal in a holistic manner through community outreach and education about open-source 3D-printed prosthetics, connecting amputees to resources in their area, and distributing 3D Printed prosthetics. Our mission is to create a self-sufficient community that is able to not only produce their prosthetics as they need it, but also have access to vital resources such as support groups and prosthetic clinics.



The holistic approach we take at API involves factors beyond improving prosthetics. At API, we’re always working on projects that help us progress forward. Check out our teams page to see what projects we are working on! Our teams are multi-disciplinary, so students of any major can join API and become an integral part of the organization!

Reach Out!

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E-Mail: ohiostate@apiprosthetics.org

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook: @apiprosthetics