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Lovato-Hermann, K., Dellor, E., Tam, C. C., Curry, S., & Freisthler, B. (2017). Racial disparities in service referrals for families in the child welfare system. Journal of Public Child Welfare, 11(2), 133-149.

Additional Publications

Smith, RA., Girth, AM., & Hutzel, M. (2021). Assessing Organizational Role and Perceptions of Programmatic Success in Policy Implementation. Administration & Society.

Yoon, S., Coxe, K., Bunger, A., Freisthler, B., Dellor, E., Langaigne, A., & Millisor, J. (2021). Feasibility of engaging child welfare-involved parents with substance use disorders in research: key challenges and lessons learned. Journal of Public Child Welfare.


Science of Dissemination and Implementation Research Conference, 2021. 

14th Annual Conference on the Science of Dissemination and Implementation in Health, 2021.