Family & Child Eval

Description: The family functioning and child well-being evaluation assesses the effectiveness of START to produce positive changes in overall family functioning and child well-being. The anticipated outcomes relate to:

  • Protective factors – family functioning and resiliency; concrete support; social support; knowledge of parenting and child development; nurturing and attachment;
  • Parenting – expectations of children; parental empathy towards children’s needs; use of corporal punishment; parent-child family roles; children’s power and independence;
  • Child behavior – emotional symptoms; conduct problems; hyperactivity/inattention; peer relationship problems; prosocial behavior;  and,
  • Access to services – behavioral health service utilization, common travel for services access.

Family Functioning & Child Well-being Goals:

  1. Improve capacity of parents affected by substance abuse to care for their children
  2. Maintain children safely with their parents when possible
  3. Enhance child developmental and emotional well-being
  4. Promote stronger, healthier attachment between children and parents

Data Sources: Pre-post surveys with 100 parents receiving the intervention. The survey will include information on child behaviors (e.g., how they communicate, internalizing and externalizing behaviors), parent-child attachment and bonding, and parenting sense of competence.

Ohio START Family Survey – Sept. 2019

Ohio START Data Summary – Sept. 2019