OhioSTART Dashboard

OhioSTART is excited to announce that we now have a dashboard that gives you information on START cases in a way that’s easy to understand. You can find the Dashboard under the Evaluation menu or click here.

Information can be separated by county. Blue counties show data from Cohort 1 counties, orange shows Cohort 2 counties, and white counties are ones that are not a part of OhioSTART. Just click on the county you are interested in or choose one from the “Select County” drop-down menu, and the dashboard will only show data from that county. You can also hover over bar graphs for the exact number.

We will continue to add information to the Dashboard so that you can keep track of the cases and timelines. Feel free to contact us with the information you would like to see reflected in the Dashboard.

For more information, please refer to these two documents. The “Getting Started” document will help you start to navigate the Dashboard. The “Explaining the Numbers” document will help you better understand the data on the dashboard.

We are excited for you to see the progress OhioSTART is making!