Quick Report on fundraising

Thank you to all who participated and purchased in the silent auction, we raised $758.

The Pelotonia Anniversary Ice Cream Social is on Monday. Please drop off your $10 donation toward the ice cream (it will be credited to your pelotonia account) by Friday please.


Here is where our fundraising stands:

  • Goals for the Peloton:  $36,000 with 100% participation
  • Current monies raised: $16,789 or 43% of our goal
  • Peloton combined fundraising goal: $38,245
  • PIIO Admin has 100% participation and has raised 45% or our goal
  • PIIO Faculty has 24% (known) participation and have raised 37% of their (known) goal
  • IMDP has 100% participation and have raised 71% of their goal
  • PIIO Lab has 68% (known) participation and has raised 34% of their (known) goal



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