Things TO DO & Know

Greetings Peloton. I hope this finds you well. Please take a moment to read this and provide the information requested. We can only do this if we work together.

  1. We need items for the Silent Auction. Please send a picture and brief description to  as soon as possible. The Auction Site is accessible Here.

    • Please use one of the banners below to advertise the auction. Please put it on your email signature lines, as your facebook/twitter/instagram/social media banner.
  2. If you are a volunteer, please sign up for a date, time, and place via  or volunteer jobs can be found here.

  3. If you want to be a rider (and are not yet) the registration fee increases to $150 on July 1st.
  4. June 7-13 Matching Gift Incentive: Jumpstart your fundraising starting next week – any donation you receive of $25 or more (limited to $500), will be eligible to receive a matching donation from Team Buckeye. Details can be found by clicking this link. If the total amount of eligible donations exceeds our $30,000 allotment, we will randomly select gifts for matched donations.
  5. Team Buckeye Raffle Program: Free to use! Request packets of 25 tickets via email at and include your mailing address. Tickets are sold for $10/each, and due back to us via mail by August 20, 2021. Details, and a list of prize offerings, can be found by clicking this link.
  6. Pelotonia Fundraising Toolkit: This includes great Pelotonia impact messaging, sample ask letters, social media guides, and a monthly fundraising framework you can customize to your plans! Click here.
  7. Fundraising Events Advice: From Team Buckeye-Alumni & Friends, captain Selena Browning shares great ideas for how to host in-person and virtual fundraising events for Pelotonia. Click here.
  8. Cycling Training & Advice: For Riders, learn from the best on how to train for your ride, prevent injuries, follow road safety protocols, and treat your body right with nutrition to fuel your rides! Click here.
  9. Team Buckeye Bike Lease: Submit a form on our website to request a bike. For $200, you rent a road bike, helmet, and lock from us to train all spring and summer, ride in Ride Weekend, and return to us. Great for first time riders, or for those needing a road bike for longer distances. Click here.
  10. Team Buckeye Asset Kit: Here you will find logo files, Zoom/Microsoft Teams backgrounds, social media graphics, email templates, and other items to help you spread the Team Buckeye brand. Click here.

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