Species Distributions across Ohio

This page will be used to document the species distributions across the state. These will be updated as the various databases are compiled. In the meantime, if you want a certain range map that you do not see below, just send me an email and I will try to get an updated version up ASAP. -MaLisa

Note: Just because a county has only old records or no records of a species, does not mean that the species is not present! Instead, it reflects a combination of sampling effort and potential presence/absence. Use these maps more to understand where you are might find something, not where you are unlikely to find something.

Individual Species lists by county can be found under the County Lists Tab, broken up by region (Central, Northeastern, Northwestern, Southeastern, and Southwestern)

A statewide species list is available as a printable all Ohio Dragonfly Checklist (as pdf or Excel) and an All Ohio Damselfly Checklist (as pdf or Excel). These can be used in the field or at home to get excited about finding other species. Think you have found a threatened or endangered species? Let us know!

Current maps: Data from the Ohio Odonata Society and vetted iNaturalist records, as of December 2017. Jim Lemon made the new maps (organized here by common name alphabetically). The darker the color, the more recently it was observed in that county. Counties with a white dot in the center illustrate a county record for that year.

Here is a printable PDF of these maps (organized by family with annotation).

There should be 167 maps, which you can click to expand.