As I try to get everything up and running, I will attempt to publish species/abundance lists for each county. This is an example page as I get more of the scripts working and access to more databases. These numbers and abundances are from the Ohio Odonata Society Database (current up to 2017), but I hope to get more compiled databases together.

If you would like information for a different county up sooner rather than later, just email me and I will put that county higher up on the to-do list.

Fayette County

Total number of species: 32 (lots of potential for county records here! We need observations!)

Total abundance of specimens in database: 116

Species List known from county:

Species # Records Recent
Midland Clubtail 1 1995
Black-shouldered Spinyleg 1 1977
Fawn Darner 2 2005
Common Green Darner 3 2017
Prince Baskettail 5 2017
Eastern Amberwing 6 2017
Halloween Pennant 1 1993
Calico Pennant 1 1991
Widow Skimmer 5 2017
Common Whitetail 5 2017
Ruby Meadowhawk 1 1960
Blue Dasher 4 2017
Eastern Pondhawk 4 2017
Wandering Glider 1 1974
Black Saddlebags 3 2017
Ebony Jewelwing 3 2006
American Rubyspot 15 2017
Lyre-tipped Spreadwing 1 1995
Slender Spreadwing 1 1938
Blue-fronted Dancer 5 2017
Violet Dancer 2 1991
Powdered Dancer 7 2017
Blue-ringed Dancer 5 2017
Blue-tipped Dancer 4 2017
Eastern Red Damsel 1 1974
Orange Bluet 2 2017
Stream Bluet 6 2017
Rainbow Bluet 2 1960
Familiar Bluet 5 1991
Double-striped Bluet 3 2017
Fragile Forktail 3 2017
Eastern Forktail 8 2017

Species found in surrounding counties, but yet to be reported: (possible county records to watch for)

Species County
Gray Petaltail Clinton
Gray Petaltail Greene
Gray Petaltail Highland
Gray Petaltail Ross
Common Sanddragon Ross
Dragonhunter Madison
Dragonhunter Highland
Dragonhunter Greene
Rusty Snaketail Pickaway
Rusty Snaketail Madison
Plains Clubtail Ross
Plains Clubtail Pickaway
Handsome Clubtail Madison
Riverine Clubtail Greene
Cobra Clubtail Ross
Arrow Clubtail Pickaway
Arrow Clubtail Greene
Ashy Clubtail Highland
Ashy Clubtail Greene
Ashy Clubtail Clinton
Ashy Clubtail Madison
Pronghorn Clubtail Madison
Pronghorn Clubtail Greene
Lancet Clubtail Ross
Unicorn Clubtail Greene
Unicorn Clubtail Pickaway
Unicorn Clubtail Clinton
Flag-tailed Spinyleg Madison
Flag-tailed Spinyleg Greene
Flag-tailed Spinyleg Highland
Eastern Least Clubtail Highland
Springtime Darner Ross
Springtime Darner Greene
Ocellated Darner Ross
Comet Darner Ross
Comet Darner Highland
Comet Darner Greene
Cyrano Darner Pickaway
Cyrano Darner Madison
Cyrano Darner Ross
Cyrano Darner Highland
Swamp Darner Ross
Swamp Darner Greene
Shadow Darner Madison
Shadow Darner Pickaway
Shadow Darner Ross
Shadow Darner Greene
Lance-tipped Darner Greene
Brown Spiketail Ross
Brown Spiketail Greene
Tiger Spiketail Ross
Tiger Spiketail Highland
Swift River Cruiser Pickaway
Swift River Cruiser Greene
Swift River Cruiser Ross
Swift River Cruiser Madison
Royal River Cruiser Madison
Royal River Cruiser Clinton
Stream Cruiser Ross
Stygian Shadowdragon Ross
Smoky Shadowdragon Pickaway
Common Baskettail Highland
Common Baskettail Clinton
Common Baskettail Ross
Common Baskettail Greene
Uhler’s Sundragon Ross
Clamp-tipped Emerald Greene
Banded Pennant Ross
Blue Corporal Madison
Blue Corporal Greene
Spangled Skimmer Ross
Spangled Skimmer Highland
Painted Skimmer Clinton
Painted Skimmer Greene
Twelve-spotted Skimmer Pickaway
Twelve-spotted Skimmer Clinton
Twelve-spotted Skimmer Madison
Twelve-spotted Skimmer Greene
Twelve-spotted Skimmer Highland
Twelve-spotted Skimmer Ross
Slaty Skimmer Greene
Slaty Skimmer Highland
Great Blue Skimmer Ross
Great Blue Skimmer Greene
Great Blue Skimmer Clinton
Variegated Meadowhawk Greene
Blue-faced Meadowhawk Pickaway
Blue-faced Meadowhawk Highland
Blue-faced Meadowhawk Clinton
Blue-faced Meadowhawk Greene
White-faced Meadowhawk Pickaway
White-faced Meadowhawk Greene
Band-winged Meadowhawk Greene
Autumn Meadowhawk Pickaway
Autumn Meadowhawk Greene
Autumn Meadowhawk Highland
Autumn Meadowhawk Ross
Autumn Meadowhawk Madison
Dot-tailed Whiteface Highland
Swift Setwing Greene
Spot-winged Glider Pickaway
Spot-winged Glider Greene
Red Saddlebags Ross
Red Saddlebags Greene
Red Saddlebags Highland
Carolina Saddlebags Pickaway
Carolina Saddlebags Clinton
Carolina Saddlebags Greene
Carolina Saddlebags Highland
Great Spreadwing Clinton
Great Spreadwing Pickaway
Great Spreadwing Greene
Spotted Spreadwing Pickaway
Spotted Spreadwing Highland
Spotted Spreadwing Greene
Sweetflag Spreadwing Pickaway
Sweetflag Spreadwing Highland
Northern Spreadwing Pickaway
Southern Spreadwing Pickaway
Southern Spreadwing Highland
Southern Spreadwing Ross
Southern Spreadwing Greene
Emerald Spreadwing Pickaway
Swamp Spreadwing Greene
Swamp Spreadwing Madison
Seepage Dancer Greene
Dusky Dancer Highland
Dusky Dancer Pickaway
Dusky Dancer Ross
Dusky Dancer Greene
Dusky Dancer Clinton
Sphagnum Sprite Greene
Sedge Sprite Highland
Aurora Damsel Ross
Aurora Damsel Greene
Aurora Damsel Highland
Aurora Damsel Madison
Taiga Bluet Greene
Turquoise Bluet Greene
Turquoise Bluet Ross
Turquoise Bluet Highland
Turquoise Bluet Clinton
Skimming Bluet Ross
Skimming Bluet Highland
Skimming Bluet Greene
Skimming Bluet Clinton
Skimming Bluet Pickaway
Skimming Bluet Madison
Vesper Bluet Greene
Vesper Bluet Ross
Tule Bluet Greene
Azure Bluet Ross
Azure Bluet Pickaway
Azure Bluet Madison
Azure Bluet Clinton
Azure Bluet Greene
Azure Bluet Highland
Westfall’s Slender Bluet Ross
Westfall’s Slender Bluet Greene
Westfall’s Slender Bluet Clinton
Westfall’s Slender Bluet Highland
Westfall’s Slender Bluet Pickaway
Citrine Forktail Highland
Citrine Forktail Ross
Citrine Forktail Greene