Central Region

To create a species list by county webpage, I am going to try to break them down by regions. -MaLisa

MaLisa Spring and Bob Glotzhober are co-coordinating the Central Region.

State and Central Coordinator: MaLisa Spring (spring.99@osu.edu)

I am in charge of the overall survey and coordinating the regional coordinators. Feel free to reach out with general questions or anything related to Odonata in Ohio. I want to hear from you!

Background: I graduated from The Ohio State University with a Masters of Science in Entomology and Marietta College with a Bachelors of Science in Biology. I have worked on many research projects including urban pollinator habitat management, bee richness and floral use, ladybeetle diversity, mangrove restoration in abandoned shrimp farms, and insect diversity in the tropics among others.

Central: MaLisa Spring (see above) and Bob Glotzhober (rglotz@twc.com)

Background: Bob Glotzhober finds almost any area of natural history of interest and enjoys sharing his enthusiasm for the wonders of nature. He worked for 33 years with the Ohio Historical Society working with natural history collections, public programs, exhibits, and management of OHS’s
natural areas. Special projects included coordinating the Ohio Dragonfly Survey and working with bones of Pleistocene mammals.
Before coming to OHS he spent three years teaching high school biology, and four years working as a naturalist for the National Wildlife Federation and the Michigan Audubon Society.
Glotzhober has a MS in Zoology from Michigan State University. He served on the Ohio Natural Areas Council for 15 years and was also a member of the Federal Recovery Team for the Hine’s Emerald Dragonfly. In 2008 he was awarded the Wildlife Diversity Conservation Award by the Ohio Division of Wildlife for his work with dragonflies and damselflies in Ohio. In 2011 he was given the Distinguished Professional Interpreter Award by the Great Lakes Region of the National Association for Interpretation. In 2014 he was given the Naturalist Award from the Ohio Biological Survey for his years of work promoting the natural history of Ohio.


Feel free to also reach out to MaLisa Spring (spring.99@osu.edu) with questions and concerns about the project.

Central Region Species richness by county excel: D1 County Species-2emm1dx (created by Jim Lemon)

Counties in Central region: (13)


A statewide species list is available as a printable all Ohio Dragonfly Checklist (as pdf or Excel) and an All Ohio Damselfly Checklist (as pdf or Excel). These can be used in the field or at home to get excited about finding other species. Think you have found a threatened or endangered species? Let us know!