2022 Conference Payment page

This is the payment information page that you should see once you submit your registration information. Please allow us a few days to compile the payment information with the registration information. We will send you a confirmation email once both payment and registration have been received.

Payment information:

Student registration is $5 and regular registration is $20.

The registration fee covers the facility fee, various supplies, and membership into the Ohio Odonata Society for a year. The registration fee does NOT cover lodging, transportation, or other meals.

Make sure that you have paid for registration by one of the following methods:

1. Mail a check (payable to the Ohio Odonata Society) – we will reach out to those who plan to mail checks directly.

2. Using the paypal link in the registration below to pay online. Clicking the below link should redirect you to the online payment page. If you want to use the dorms on campus, you will need to load the payment form twice.

Registration Options

Once both registration fees and information have been acquired, we will respond verifying successful registration. Please allow us a few days to confirm both payment and registration (especially if you are registering on the weekend).

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to MaLisa Spring at spring.99@osu.edu